You guys can go with this holy war as far as you want. But nothing will change, all will stay on their own opinions.

Just go out and do some 1v1s. If you are smart enough, flexible, you'll be adopting to more fun and fair fights, w/o using some skills you think are too OP for that "certain" fight.

If you think - you do it all fair, but the person you are fighting with abusing using too OP skills - just don't fight that person next time he'll challange you. (it's all about organized 1v1s)

small P.S. about healing classes: defiler, warleader, minstrel.
If you still trying to 1v1s them - please stop crying about spamming heals. Those classes are for heals and all they can do - is spam heals to survive and do the smallest damage.
They'll never win other class w/o heals, and same, no other class can win decent one of mentioned above (except the cases when they fight against each other).
And please don't try to prove you can win decent one of them (r8+), because I proved it wrong millions of times.