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    What is YOUR stance on certain cds?

    On my server, if its an unorganized 1v1 or 1v2 or whatever, I'll use anything and everything, but in organized 1v1s I refrain from using dire need at the bequest of creeps but I will use both bubbles depending on who I'm fighting...however if its a reaver with WL buffs that uses wrath the whole fight I don't feel as bad for using DN. In 1v1s ba's and burgs alike pop touch and go/whatever the BA's evade is called. Captains never use last stand, but defilers and warleaders spam heal and just slow dps the way down.

    On other servers it's been a lot different, i.e no cds no bubbles whatsoever, and while I realise its possible, but it only seems so if the creep holds back a lot as well, it seems very unlikely for a mid rank champ to win a 1v1 against a high rank reaver without atleast one bubble, unless both sides refrain from using half their skills...which seems boring and stupid.

    Example? I was talking to a high rank notorious reaver organizing a 1v1 between us, the first fight I won with only one bubble(he was a little drunk) The second fight he went all out using every skill he had, literally every skill (I know the animations pretty well from playing reaver for 2 years) including AtO and he had about 10k left and I was dipping down to 1k with a bubble, knowing my end was near I used Dire Need cause..well the situation was dire? and as soon as I went back up to 9k he ended the 1v1.

    With him having wrath going and a few other skills up, including bleeds set up for impale, it seems that the fight would still be pretty fair, possible even in his favor as I didn't have anything left on the defensive side besides bracing(and man heal but I don't use that just cause it seems overboard.)

    I'm not complaining about the fight or anything, I'm just sharing the way some people look at CDs, and I'm wondering how the rest of you look at it. I just figure I'm a pretty decent champ in fervour, not the best but not he worst, and I have a nice challenge(sometimes way too much) even with cds, soloing around moors, one time the creep raid was even nice enough to let my solo butt scurry on by, as they knew I wasn't with the fraid.

    So whats your outlook on cds? Do you believe in moors courtesy? Do you like challenge? Are the creeps/freeps good enough to handle your CDs and utilize their own? is it an all out fight to the death where you must slaughter whoever stands in your way of rank 15 and perfect rating?

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    Use it all.
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    play fair, be flexible.....know what your opponent is capable of, and decide from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wretchesandkings View Post
    play fair, be flexible.....know what your opponent is capable of, and decide from there.
    pretty much this. whatever makes for close fights, and what the scenario is. If I've been tracked 5 times in the last 30 seconds near gtr and a warg pounces me, chances are I'm going to play it very differently than if i'm by the old plains OP and that same warg jumps me.
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    For me, any class can use and abuse their CD's against me. Champs can go ahead, bubble and Dire need, cappies can last stand, wardens can pop what ever and spam heal until the cows come home. But once you've done it, I consider it a win, and because I'm not too bothered about dying, or getting infamy, you can go ahead.

    Of course I'd prefer you didn't, but if you want to blow it, go ahead. I couldn't care less by this point...
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    First of all, unless I have bowed beforehand, I don't consider it a 1v1, and I'll use all I got in open field fights.

    As a general rule, I don't use wrath/ATO/DR in 1v1s. I don't use morale pots either, not sure if people use them or not really. The one exception is cappys, where I do use wrath, but honestly it hardly ever makes a difference and I lose anyway. I have certain pre-established rules for some classes:

    Burg: If he pops TnG I'll use wrath. KO I feel I should be able to kite without any CDs, TnG is way harder to kite. If he resets his skills/hips I'll probably get pissed and try all I got to kill him.

    LMs: If he uses WotC I'll probably use ATO, or maybe wrath, depends on the fight. If he also spams WL I'll use both of the previous ones. If he also uses tar and abuses kiting + WL I'll just use DR to kill him.

    Champ: Sprint is a completely unfair skill in this fight, and I wont fight a champ that does it. Other than that you can gauge the fight; against some champs I can take a bubble or 2 without blowing any CDs, against others I'll use wrath or ATO to deal with bubbles. DR is not so usefull in this fight.

    RK: The only CD I know is AoS and I'll blow anything to kill an RK that uses it, especially since they are perfectly capable of killing you without it.

    Thats about it so far, maybe theres some CDs I'm not familiar with yet, but thats what I go by atm.



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