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    Question Character Transfer // Skirmish Currency Question



    I'm about to transfer two of my toons to a different server. I read about all the things will and will not be transferred with.
    I'm fine with this except for the Skirmish Currencies. They will not be transferred with the character?! But what exactly does this mean?

    Since a year or so skirmsih currencies are shared across all characters on one server. If I now transfer one of this characters
    (which wont take the currencies with it) will the amount of marks, medallions and seals still be the same on the old server?
    Will the other remaining characters get the currencies of the leaving character? Or will all of the currencies from the character
    that left the server be deleted?

    The thing is that you can't see which character has how much percentage of the all-toon-skirmish-currency-amount, which
    maybe would be lost after a transfer.

    I have over 17.000 medallions and more than 2.000 seals but I don't how much of those belong to which character and how
    much would be maybe lost when the character leaves the server. (Which actually would be the same if you delete a toon.)

    Can someone please tell me? A member of the support team or someone who had a similar situation.

    (You maybe wanna tell me "Go, spend the dime!" but I actually would prefer to wait for Helms Deep and the new level cap
    so I can actually buy useful stuff that I can take with my on the server transfer. Like lvl 95 empowerment scrolls and so on.)

    Thank you!


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    All account shared items in the Barter Wallet stay on your original server.

    Turbine keep no data as to which character earned what quantity of the shared items. This is the reason that shared items cannot be transferred with the character changing servers; they have no way of knowing what amount were earned by that character to send along with them.

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    Thanks. And what about relics and shards from deconstructed LIs and relic packs?


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    Quote Originally Posted by JanTATW View Post
    And what about relics and shards from deconstructed LIs and relic packs?
    Relics belong to an individual character, shown in that character's LI panel. They should transfer with the character.

    Shards are an account-shared currency, and will remain on the original server.

    You can tell which currencies are account-shared; their names appear in green text in the wallet, and their tooltips say "Account Shared". Any items in a character's wallet that are shown in white text are character-bound and should transfer with the character.
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