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    Unhappy Changing Steed Appearance At Low Level

    I haven't played in a while and when I started up again recently, I now receive the Azure Festive Steed for free with each new character along with various cosmetic adds for it including the accessory add which is a banner.

    Unfortunately, I don't like the way the banner looks but have already "consumed" the item and added it to the steed.

    Is there a way to hide this accessory before I have access to the War Steed cosmetic screen at a much higher level? (My new character is currently level 28.)

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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    That is ok. The piece didn't got destroyed it was a token that grant you a skill that gives for a armour piece outfit. The armour value of the horse is determined by a different kind of traits & the briddle legacies & relics.

    Also, to have the skill don't mean you have to use it. No pieces is ever stick to the horse. You choose what pieces the horse will wear. You can choose to ride your horse naked, with some pieces or full set & will not make any difference &because they are all outfits. Also you can mix & match pieces between sets or individual pieces to build you own horse style.

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    As far as hiding it before you get the warsteed, I don't think so. Each of the normal (non-warsteed) mounts are strict, complete skins. Either you use the mount with its banner or you use a different mount.

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    Hi Brom,

    Thank you for the answer. I would have thought that too, but I started a new character and didn't consume the "banner" accessory and the mount appears without it. Which makes me think I might be able to hide it on the character I did add it to. But no, I don't have access to the steed appearance panel that comes with the war-steed. So maybe it's just a weird little fluke...

    If anyone knows differently (IE how to access steed appearance changes at low level), please let me know!

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    The "consumable" skills you're talking about are only for the warsteed cosmetics. You can go ahead and use them, they will appear as cosmetics options when you get your warsteed somewhere around level 75.
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    Hey Elflord,

    Thanks for responding. The cosmetics are already appearing - the question is whether I can then hide them somehow.

    Whenever I start a new character, I get a six-year gift box that contains an Azure Steed along with 3 or 4 "azure" cosmetics - a saddle, etc. If I consume them, they appear on the steed. If I don't, they don't. The question is if it's possible to hide them once I've already consumed them prior to getting access to the war-steed panel at later level...



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