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    Arson in the Moors

    Hi all, i'm sitting here in school with nothing to do, so I decided to make a post dedicated to my new favorite pastime: ARSON!! (also known as burning things down).
    You may ask why I have such a controversial favorite hobby, the answer to that would be, it's just incredibly delightful to hear the mournful screams of villagers as me and my angry mob ransack their village with pitchforks and torches in hand.

    The point of this post is to inspire freeps and creeps alike to begin burning things down, there are a few hunters that kindly start small blazes at 1v1 circles, but more needs to be done. Fire is the lifeblood of war. Everyone enjoys a good roaring fire.


    this is what I am listening to as I declare my love for lighting things on fire....

    Thoughts? Comments? Additions? I am dying to hear...
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    Aka Grumpis the honorable Mustelidian Pew Pew of love and cheery brightness.
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    Well it would be kinda cool(and lag inducing) if when you took a keep it showed some signs of wear and tear, possibly fire or whatever. Makes it look like an actual assault on the keep rather than the old unrealistic, drop group and pull npcs to the top.



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