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    New Player Looking for Kin

    Hi All,
    I am a new player and just wondered how busy this server was. I am trying to find a home that will be active.
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    Which server are you referring to?

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    this server. Is it active

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    Well, after seeing the 300 plus people in glff i created a char on the server last night. I asked in glff for a Kin and got called out as a troll. I was questioned "Why would anyone drop over $100 to subscribe and buy all the expansions in one go without having played the game. Truth is i hva played, but am a new player, i pleyed years ago in the original beta and did own a lifetime sub from codemasters but never used it. I also missed the cut-over to turbine. I love LOTR and thought now was a good time to return, so here i am.

    I am still looking for a good Kinship to join. I started a Warden because i wanted something challenging, having played mmo's for 15+ years. If anyone has a good Kin for me, being older in nature (46) and an experienced tank. Please drop me a note here or whisper Passed in game. I should be online after 2pm EST today, I live in the US now.


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    This is a nice bunch of mature players:


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    Quote Originally Posted by wonkeysmoker1 View Post
    this server. Is it active
    Gladden is active - I'm in a guild there, Disciples of the Hammer, and I enjoy it.



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