Greetings to ya all!

The 'Order of the Divine Brew' is still recruiting these days, and if you are looking for a good kin with mature players, a very friendly and including atmosphere, we might be the kin you are looking for!

A bit about the kinship

The Order is a light-rp kinship, or a social kinship if ya prefer that term. This means there is not much rp going on that is kinship-based, but we got die hard rp'ers and people that does not know the meaning of the word. so we got room for everyone :-) We say that 'RP is a personal choice', but the kinchat and other kinrelated channels/activities are OOC if not spesified otherwise.

Age limit
We are what ya might call an 'Oldie' Kinship. That means that the average age of our members is 30+ and our oldest is around 63yo. We do not accept 'kids' into our kinship (been there, bad experiences) so that is the reason we have an age limit of 25yo.

How long?

We have been around for the better part of the last three years, and some of our members (including our kinchief) have been with the game since the beginning. We are a lvl 10 kinship, and we got the biggest kinshiphouse in Walstow, Bree Homestead.

Requirements to join

Our only recuirements for you to join us, is that ya got 'social antennas', that you 'add to the friendly atmosphere' in the kin, and that you 'give a helping hand if needed' to any off the other members. The same will be given the other way, ofcourse. :-)

Any questions ya might have, please do not hesitate to contact either myself, Merlas (our kinchief), Athearil, Tiryth, Rimlins, or any other player ya see with our kinship tag.

Yours truly
Grymrock Grey.

Recruitment officer - Order of the Divine Brew