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    High Warden Nae... Finally

    I just want to throw a quick post on here as I hit rank 9 today... The whole reason I started PvMP was because I saw someone in a horse that was black with white feet... Found out you had to be rank 9 and worked for it ever since.... I have not been very focused and have taken many breaks... but I am glad I finally got green rank and my horse... Thanks for all the fights all!

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    Dec 2012
    Grats man. You play a pretty mean Burglar. Now you need to get 12 for the other horse.
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    grats Nae!! Long time coming! >8D}{
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    I wish I got a horse.
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    Hello Nae! It's the ole Sycarius kiddo! How are you my friend? (: I see that you finallu hit rank 9 congrats. I finally am rank 2 in the real world waiting to get rank 3 haha! txt whenevrr
    And hope your doing great

    68w10 USAR
    "Long, Thick and Sharp, From the shadows, I'll stick you from behind, deep and bloody, Mmmm the joy of pleasure..."



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