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    Shield Spike Bug?

    I recently reached lvl 85 with my warden so my new gear isnt tricked out yet. I went to galtrev to get the compendium vol III since i haven't built hytbold smithy (?) yet to get vol IV.

    The issue is at this point my LI weapon is only doing common damage so i used an Eastemnet Westernese shield spike. I killed the enemies without problem but when i looked into my chat log i saw that i was only doing common damage. Is this a bug? I'm worried because i plan on putting beleriand damage on my LI because it also gives vitality (with Vitality of the Eldar Days II) but some mobs can only be damaged by westernese (valandil) or ancient dwarf (sarnur) so i made shields spikes for those occasions.

    Any help or clarification on this matter would be a boon!

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    Maybe it's a bug in the chat log.

    I recently fought Valandil with my shield and Westernesse spike kits and he DID lose health after my hits.

    I'll see if I can confirm this, when I have time.

    Anyway, you can safely put the Beleriand title on your weapon.

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    The tool-tip says that the only damage that is changed is damage done by shield ("Sets damage type of all shield skills to Westernesse"), it doesn't affect your other weapon damage.




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