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    Anyone else wish the Books were forced to be linear, one chapter at a time?

    I remember, as a new user, the Epic quests were a disjointed mess-simply because I could pick up various quests from individual books simultaneously, and I had no idea to try to avoid doing that--a quest was a quest, so I picked it up--and lost the continuity of the story. The Epics, indeed, felt pretty much like any quests to my newbie mind.

    I see a LOT of new users doing the same thing, and sometimes accidentally do it myself. Pick 'em up when they find 'em, do 'em all out of order, never really getting the full story properly.

    Why not just force them to be done one at a time--start at Vol X, book 1, chapter 1--and NO other quests in that volume become available until you do the chapters in order. Book 2 opens only when book 1 is done. Etc. I don't have a problem with having the different VOLUMES do-able simultaneously, but only one chapter at a time in each, as a prerequisite to the next.

    Seems to me it would make the Epic story lines much more likely to be followed as intended, and prevent people from having 4 or 5 (or more) open quests from the same Volume in their quest tracker, essentially obliterating the narrative.
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    Well that's what I wish, sometimes people forget about Volume 1 after they get their first LI in Volume 2. I experience it as it was intended.

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    I think it is primarily because certain elements of certain epics are required in order to do non-epic things, such as accessing Eastern Angmar, and not everyone bothers with epics.
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    Thumbs down

    No, it is personal preferences & some events in the epic happen simultaneusly. I like to have from time to time the flexibility to choose to see 1st of a series of events that happened at sametime on different places. On the books big things where happening at Minas Morgul, Inside Minas Tirith, & outside the fence. If the epics were always, linear great pieces of the epic will be lost.

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    A little more gating might be good, but not nearly as strict as you propose. Many books aren't really connected other than by the quest giver for the vector quest, there is no reason to add a dependency there (e.g. book 3 -> book 4, or book 5 -> book 6). Also this would kinda force people to use the same levelling path all the time, and probably upset some players that don't own all related quest packs (e.g. "why do I have to run around in the Trollshaws for days just to do the Epic books in Angmar").
    Too much gating like in Rohan is just extremely annoying for no benefit.
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    Actually I would wish for the opposite. I've done the Moria and Mirkwood skirms and the loathsome "We cannot get out" session play more times than I care to remember. What I would like is to be able to skip those bits of the epic since I've seen them soooooo many times now and there's no way to finish the epic in that area without doing them. I currently have three characters is various stages of Mirkwood and four in Moria (and five at cap.) If I could take the skirms and session play as read, since they're all unlocked on my account, I would be thrilled.

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    The Epic Line has multiple start points for several reasons:

    1) The story is not connected. You complete one story - a chain. You can decide which story you want to do next.

    2) The Epic gates content access. If would have been a mess on Moria launch day if the Epic was chained together. You had to do Volume 2, Book 1 to get into Moria. People would not have been happy to go back and do all 15 books in Volume 1.

    Moria also brought Volume 1, Book 15. The final instance 1.15.12 was very difficult. Most people I knew went back with a full group of six at level cap (way over level) - level 60. You get wiped. At that time, I felt that this Epic Instance was the most difficult group instance at the challenge level. It was very hard. You had a lot of people trying to do this instance that weren't trained groupers. Most people didn't want to go back and help someone once they had finished it for credit.

    Turbine ended up putting in helping barter coins for people that went a second+ time. Later on Turbine nerfed the instance by making in a solo instance. You could still take a group of six and steam roll it. A group of 3-4 works better with the scaled Inspired Greatness.

    3) Epic Content was gated by content access. No Moria expansion. No access to Volume 2. Mirkwood came out. Turbine created a new start point so that we did not have to buy Moria and do all of Moria. Again in the Moria Epic Line there were some group instances that people couldn't complete.

    Now we are returning to the "must own content" to access this chunk of the Epic Line. Chaining all of the Epic together is a good to frustrate players.
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    While I personally run them in order, I prefer that others be able to experience them in whatever order they choose.

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    When LOTRO first came out; the Epic quest line was not soloable. That is the main reason I did them so badly out of order. I got a book done when the opportunity to get in a group and get it done presented itself. If there was a plot line, I have no clue what it is. The other problem keeping me from doing them in order was, as you venture thru Middle Earth, you do not necessarily encounter them in order. You have to pay attention, and make a point of doing them in order.

    Recognizing this, my alt char did not initiate the Epic Line in Bree when he arrived. My plan was to level him up, and then go back and solo it order to reveal/live the story. (That decision was made back before it was soloable) I still haven't done it. Today that toon is lvl 85 Grd. He has completed all of Vols II and III; but still has never gone into the Prancing Pony to talk to Strider! I'm glad you reminded me. Maybe it is time to run through Vol I, start to finish, over the course of a night or two.

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    It's really frustrating to have a Lvl 53 character that completed the Fall of Moria, only to still be blocked from Legendary gear because the Council was unable to Assemble all the way back in Vol. I, Book 3. Also, there's no way to complete Hiding in the Dark because apparently I found the rider and got distracted by yet another task. How is that even possible? Maybe there's just too much leeway to skip things that are unskippable.

    Give me a good reason why I should NOT destroy this character and work on the others, because it is way too frustrating to work around the gaps in gameplay.

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    I don't think we should ruin it for some people, just because others don't recognize the Epics. I mean, they're pretty clearly marked as Epic quests--they even get their own quest ring, in addition to their very clearly-marked title.
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