$60 USD for a piece of software I can't hold, and no physical 'fluff' even to warrant it either... Am I just getting too old for this digital download pricing scheme or what?

If I remember, I paid a comparable sum for the below (x2 since my wife and I both have accounts), and I brought home a 3 inch thick binder of bonus materials to keep me busy while the damn game updated (my wife still has the soundtrack CD in her car)... Now, they want nearly the same amount of money, for absolutely no physical copy of the game whatsoever. The cost to them to publish these latest expansions as digital download only is only the cost of the bandwidth (a fraction of what it would cost to publish physical copies). Why is it we are paying comparable prices and getting less and less for it? (in game bonuses for MoM purchase were things like the Runekeeper, Warden, title, cloak, 2 character slots, etc. roughly equivalent to the +10 quest spaces (bleh), mount and armour from this expansion)

Its like the current horse deal, which is a fantastic deal for those crazy enough to spend $20 on a virtual mount, $150 USD for all 9 class mounts on EVERY character on your account... I debated it even (for about 3 seconds at which point I remembered I need a new lawnmower and pool heater in the spring), but that's $150 for 9 horses that are available in a virtual world and only while that world is deemed profitable by some corporation or another, after which point, I have nothing...

Hell, the first Digital download only pack for LOTRO was the Mirkwood Expansion, sure, it was only 5 levels, but we got shared storage, wardrobe, extra character slots (x2 so we could finally have all 9 classes on a single server), goat, etc for a whopping $19.99. (Adventurer's pack w/active sub). Sure, Mirkwood wasn't huge, and is now mostly avoided as it doesn't follow the fellowship and alternate paths of leveling are available, but it was fun, it didn't have the bugs that we had with RoI, RoR, and inevitably HD as well, the story was well played, and the content was the LAST of the challenging (not stupidly challenging [T2 Sauruman anyone?)) content. We also got OD and Enedwaith as the 'free update' in the Mirkwood cycle as well.

Unfortunately, I see myself buying it regardless, haven't decided on which pack yet, but I want to see the story through, I still want to visit Gondor, and see HDs, Osgiliath, the Crystal Caves, the Black Gate, the fields of Pelennor, etc, strictly because I'm a LOTR junkie to begin with.

End rant, begin flame.