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    Passed - New Player - Returning Player

    Good Morning all,
    I played LOTRO when it first released for a time. However, other games took my focus and i now feel the time is right to return. I have a few questions, if someone has time to give advice i would appreciate it.

    Tank or healer, which would be required more on Evernight. I have only ever tanked or healed in MMO's and would like to continue this trend.

    What is the equivalent to a guild in LOTRO? Do we get bonuses for joining one?

    Based on the answer to my first question. I want to play an advanced class. I expect this to keep me engaged more, having played MMO's for 15 years now. Warden would be the advanced tanking class. What would be the advanced healing class?

    thanks for your time.

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    Welcome Back!

    1) I think a tank.. you can always roll a healer later if need be

    2)A Kinship is the equivalent to a guild and as far as I know you do not get any bonuses other then your kin mates helping you out

    3)I guess the Rune-Keeper would be considered the advanced healing class. They mainly do over time heals and insane damage but you can only do one at a time so you can specialize in healing.

    N.B.: The proposed class changes, on the 18th of November when Helms Deep comes out, could of course change the ability to tank/heal/dps on any character.
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