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    Forum logs me off after less than an hour

    I just logged in to the forums for the third time in 2 hours this evening to make this posting. I think there is something wrong; some setting got changed back to its old, annoying value.

    I'm not sure if this is also a bug. I thought it happened yesterday but I'm quite certain it happened today. Here was my sequence:
    1. I found a message in the forums that I wanted to reply to. I clicked "Reply with quote".
    2. Navigated to the Login page. I typed my username and password (correctly) and clicked Login.
    3. Navigated to the Forum list. Before today (and maybe yesterday), it would have navigated me to the Reply page for the message I was quoting and replying to.

    I hope this is the right place to report such problems. Should I file a bug report also?
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    I just replied to another topic on this in the General Discussion forum.

    I get a similar thing: Most times, for about the last week, I tend to find I get logged out within the first fifteen minutes or so of browsing the forums.

    It usually only happens once though and when I log back in I stay logged in even if I close the forums and come back later.

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    I was getting logged out repeatedly after a few minutes when using Firefox. I switched to IE 10 and have been staying logged in all day ever since. I don't like bouncing back and forth between two different browsers throughout the day, because Firefox is my preferred browser, but it is better than having to log back in over and over and over again.



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