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    Second Marshall Adangorn

    Congrats to the best captain on Riddermark! Keep it up.

    I'm not a fraid.

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    Apr 2011

    Thumbs up

    Gratz Adangorn! Onward to the next rank!

    P.S. I miss your old name.
    I've been at the mercy of men just following orders. Never again.

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    Last stand Adan! Grats man, keep up the push for 13. Crazy to think we were the red rank greenies hiding in old EC back in the day, look at ya now
    Jawbreakerz(R10), OptimusKrime(R11), Bromanceswithwargs(R10), Pentacle(R12), AllOveryourFace(R9), Throatrip(R10), Charlottesweb(R9)-DI,Atrocity,Intol
    Thunderbow(R9), Triplexxx(R10), Airlyn(R11), Creepingdeath(R8), AllOverYourChin(R12), Valerial(R9)

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    Well played Adangorn! I love our small groups, ninja invite me anytime.

    Third Marshal Rubicon Guardian ~ Third Marshal Raae Minstrel
    Commander Danceswithwargs Reaver ~ Taskmaster Whiskeytangofoxtrot Spider
    Commander Verkaufsschlacker Lore-master ~ Lieutenant Rivaalan Hunter
    ~ No Mercy ~

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    Big grats man! Onward to the next rank and keep throwin me those out of group bubbles

    (Retired... Maybe un-retired?) Arkenstone: Immanitas R12 Burg, Gorbat R12 Reaver, Sueahpro R11 Mini, Falsified R9 RK, -The Blood Hand
    Crickhollow: Orphluk R9 Warg, Orphelun-1 R8 RK. -The Blood Hand.

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    batt a lion?
    [b]Thegoat, Wargstalk (Riddermark's favorite ganker) & Danceswithgoats[/b] - Riddermark
    [b]Brandywino[/b] - Brandywine[/center]

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    Congrats Adangorn! Definately one of my favorite Cappy's and people in the Moors. Hope to pair up with you on my greenie burg sometime. All the best.
    The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.
    Hinellas R15 Darkthreat R5 Landroval Riddles in the Dark
    Mezmorized R4 Riddermark Lake Evendim Swim Team
    Breathmint - R6 Landroval Rootcanal -R5 Riddermark

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    Aug 2011
    In Rainbows
    Congrats Battalion. Nice pic Goat, I think it's intended to be a lion, duck, bat, kangaroo.
    Meshoot, rank 10 Blackarrow; Hazghnaz, rank 7 Reaver; Blackdingus, r6 Defiler
    Officer of Freepaphiles, Riddermark; Founder of DANCES WITH FREEPS, Gladden
    Aka Grumpis the honorable Mustelidian Pew Pew of love and cheery brightness.
    >:} Memento Mori {:<

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    I must have given you half your rank points this time. Regardless, good fights, and grats once again, you shiny-### captain.
    Income/This/Behind/Thanks - Reshi/Warrden/Iwill - Post/Overcompensation

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    Grats adan!! Hoping for more op bubbles and Rez from you when I get back!
    Malufet R12 Champion
    Lufet R9 RuneKeepeer
    Inactive Atm

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    Dec 2010
    Thanks to all the people for the kind words except the post that I wish wasn't removed.
    - Second Marshall Battalion-1 ( Currently Semi-retired from Lotro )

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    Feb 2011



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