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    Survey on home video gaming

    Hi guys,

    I am currently doing a research on family home gaming and the spatial arrangement of your gaming hardware at home.

    If you have time, would you help fill up a survey as follows: http://www.esurveyspro.com/Survey.as...7-df86646eefe5

    Also msg me if the questions can be improved.

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    You are going to have an extremely difficult time compiling any useful results from that survey because of the number of questions that let users create the answers. I guarantee that for those questions, almost every one will be unique, even for the ones like "Which country are you from" you will get things like "canada", "cnadna", "cananda" etc. since people don't usually bother checking their spelling. Save yourself a major headache and provide a set of answers for each question (with the last option being 'other') and drop any question that requires the user to write a short paragraph (you will be guaranteed that every answer to those will be completely unique).

    This is just advice from someone who ran surveys in the past (first one had over 10000 unique answers and was a complete waste of time), I am not trying to tell you how to run yours, just trying to save you big headaches.



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