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    Q: What is the Best Server for UK Players?


    What servers are the best for UK players? Just downloaded the game and I am wondering whichh one to select.


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    There are several English language servers that were formerly located in EU: Laurelin (roleplay enforced), Evernight, Eldar, and Snowbourn. They would have a somewhat higher population of UK players. Since all the servers were moved to the US in 2011, there are a fair number of non-UK players on these as well.

    Laurelin is one of the most populated. The "roleplay enforced" is not as strict as it may sound. The main impact is that you have to select a lore friendly name for your characters. Leggggoooolasss or xxIPwnNoobsxx will get renamed. There will be be a lot more people roleplaying, much of which takes place in set locations like The Prancing Pony in Bree and has little or no visibility when you're out running quests in the wilderness.

    Since you can create 2 characters on EVERY server, you could check each of them out by creating one character, completing the tutorial and starter areas, and exploring a bit.

    Have fun!
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    Thanks, I may go with Laurelin for the high population.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PcGamingRig View Post
    Thanks, I may go with Laurelin for the high population.
    A small warning.

    Laurelin is also a RP server, so please read about its naming policies (no McGuffins , Ihealzs and Ipownya's allowed) and RP policies (honour other people, that do roleplay, and dont try to 'lighten them up'), to avoid problems.

    Other tha that, welcome and look up Hatter in Laurelin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PcGamingRig View Post
    Thanks, I may go with Laurelin for the high population.
    And if your a Lore-master, RP'ers frown upon your pet being brought into the Pony....dont try to wind them up

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    I have little experiance of Laurelin, however I have played on Both Eldar and Snowbourn extensively. Eldar is the lesser populated of the two but used to have a thriving raid and pug community along with very good pvmp. Snowbourn is much more populated especially since update 11 a lot of people on Eldar have or have considered a move there.

    Withywindle is the most recent of the old EU english preferred servers but from what i hear the months spent on top of the recommended server list has done wonders for their community. Gilrain i believe has always been the smallest of the old EU servers but no doubt their players are like a very close knit family.
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