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    Columbus Day message from the great beyond!

    This note mysterious appeared on my desk this morning and I figured you Rune-keepers would be interested:


    And so we find ourselves with new friends, in a new land, on a new journey.

    But the old traditions do not die. Not that easily...

    For today is not about joy; it is about terror and survival. Today Zombie Columbus rises to reap what he has sown. All civilization owes him a debt, a dept he will collect in blood and sacrifice. Without him, electricity would not flow, gravity not stick and Turbines would not turn. Recall that in ancient times he reaved and battled against the horrible Ancients so that we fragile souls might populate the Earth. But make no mistake, his horror is as bad or worse. And today is the day he comes to claim his prize.

    So sing songs in his praise! (that he might overlook you) Tell stories of his greatness to your kin! (that he might spare you) Celebrate his many gifts! (that he may take your neighbor in your stead)

    As written in the old books:
    "There will be prizes and gambling as usual to celebrate Columbus’s triumphant rise from the dead to smite his enemies without mercy. Don’t count yourself amongst them! We’ll be discussing and praising all of Columbus’s many inventions such as the lightbulb, telegraph, and plastic to avoid incurring his wrath."

    - ZC



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    RIP the creator of the greatest class Lotro has seen.


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    Wow... if only I could plus rep ZC...

    Thats funny.

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    So nice to hear from our old friend, ZC! May your day be everything you could hope for.
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    I logged in my forum account for the first time in a few months just to post. Glad to see your still at it ZC. The original RK was a thing of beauty. I actually thought of you on Columbus day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karakedi View Post
    So nice to hear from our old friend, ZC! May your day be everything you could hope for.
    Agreed. From a hunter who is very very glad Jinjaah has replaced him as our dev.
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