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    Someone tell Gandalf to stop messing with the weather....

    Spotted in Eregion this morning: A rainbow in the middle of the night. Where there is no sun, there can be no rainbow..... So unless there is a pot of gold that Gandalf is hiding, can someone tell him to stop messing with the weather? His weather spells seem to fizzle a bit....

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    There is something called a moonbow. Moonbows however are not as vivid as the one in your screenshot.

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    That rainbow came in handy a while back for a DDO forum thread where folks were making DDO-themed album covers.

    The thread might be amusing even for the non-DDOers among y'all:


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    Will you guys please leave ol' Gandalf alone .. He's workin' on somethin'

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    I think it's more likely to be Suaron, or Saruman, messin' with the weather.

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    Thats a very old cool looking innoffensive SoA bug. Let it be...

    But if you want to discuss its impacts, here are some notes:

    On the last days days prior the war of the ring, the sky darkened bringing dread to all people, by action of Sauron. The inhabitants of Middle Earth couldn't see the sun during the day or the moon during the night & weren't unable to tell day from night & the hours. But for moments the sun was seen on the horizon on far away lands bringing a instant of hope to them, because that was Iluvatar will .

    We are on those days we are suppose to see the days eventually darkening further. & maybe sometime the sun will be stronger & let us see a rainbow of hope on the apparent never ending night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Devolved View Post
    [img snips]
    It would have been better if the album was 'The Dark Side of the Rana'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HaleElven View Post
    It would have been better if the album was 'The Dark Side of the Rana'.
    There's an instance in DDO called "Rainbow in the Dark".

    One of the devs was obviously a Dio fan.



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