Hey all o/

Played LotrO way back when the game launched and left it after a year. Now the time has come for me to yet again pick up the mantle (from myself, where I left it, years ago, casually flung aside :P ) and give Sauron a good whatfor! (Actually I started a few days ago ) Anyhoos, I've got a thug load of questions so brace yerself.

LI's: Can I use these without having any xpacs? I've read somewhere MoM is needed for unlocking the use of LI's? Also, would anyone be so kind as to link me a 'easy-to-understand-guide' on the subject? I've been looking around for an starters guide to LI's, but haven't really found any (the ones that I have found came of as quite a mouthful to be honest and would much appreciate some basic insight on the topic.) I'm level 47 now and reckon it's time to get to Eregion and try get my first one there. That much I've managed to gather from the forums. \o/

Xpacs: Do I need these at all? (The old ones, MoM, Isen, etc.) I imagine I in any event would need RoR + HD. Is it possible to 'circumvent' any/all of the xpacs, are they needed for anything purely leveling wise? Would I miss out on endgame gear etc. if I chose not to buy any of them? Just out of curiosity I ask really, as I'll probably get all of them when I get home from work. (I realize HD is needed for endgame when it launches, question is; do I need any of the other xpacs at all?)

Burglar: Been looking for an up to date burglar guide. Traits, for both PvE and PvP, gear to get, skill rotations, that sorta stuff. Might just be me being really weak at scavenging the forums, but I've had no luck with this either. So a link to useful burglar sites would also be much appreciated.

Sorry for coming across as an old nub who just want to be spoonfed, but I'm quite excited about getting back in to the game and any help that can speed up my being back on par is most welcome.

Actually I think that's all the questions I've got. For now anyways. Thanks in advance, and see you in game if your from Brandywine. o/