Im not sure what kind of Elitist Propaganda that Maggot has been spreading. But TMR is not all transferring to a different server. I for one couldn't go without all my frienemies that I have made on slode. Only some of us transferred a single toon over to Brandywine. Most did not. After playing on a Creep Dominated server that Brandywine is I have come to understand why Silverlode is "dying"
It is dying simply put because we don't get along. We Clique up and refuse to grp. Also we are playing the wrong class when it is needed.

To fight a Gramscamp....why have 12 Blackarrows? Focus fire? Sure Come up to a Freep raid that is target healing through Fungos target. I suggest to try a new tactic. How about attack the Camping party with something that they will never expect nor LITERALY Never see. A warg pack. Get 14+ Wargs focused on one target. Bleed them. I don't care If ershy drail and Eary are healing. Its gunna die.

Along with Wargs being prolly the squishiest class atm. They also have more survivability skills then any other in the moors. Pounce Bleed hit the crit thingy that happens most time you have pounced in shadow and hit disappear. The freeps wont have time to heal and will be forced to leave. Target anything you want. Just don't be afraid of dying. I personally have a warg he was my first class and My favorite to solo on. I can lead a warg pack. And possibly a Pounce and poison raid if the Spiders are available.

I know that most of the server is mad or thinks that im and idiot. But TBH Idc. I am a Creep at heart and When slode is supposedly dying I am trying to come up with ways around the drama and the hard feelings. Grams needs NOT be camped by freeps for long. Fungo. Grinch. Vampenor. Zippy. You all are the leaders of this server. And you all have wargs. At least try it out. You may find it works. And If not. Im sure between the great group of pvp minds that is creep silverlode you can find a solution to fix this supposedly dying server.
After this Elda like wall of chatter. I say to you. Lets fix this servers pvp and make it fun for all....creeps at least. Freeps. Go run a smaborg or whatever.
~President Ashhsa. Keeper of the Greenies . Defender of Lug.