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    First Marshall Akthuri!

    Gratz on rank!!! So pro of an LM, and an awesome person to fight with or against.

    Still think youre crazy for playing your captain before getting to r14... but oh well!

    Well-earned rank, sir! GL on the Last one!
    Now show me that Wartab!
    Cheiftain Ashtu-1, Defiler of Landroval
    Master Guardsman Jythro, Captain of Silverlode

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    Grats Ak! I'm glad I was there to see it, looking forward to assisting you to R15. Well deserved buddy!

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    Sorry i wasn't around to see it Ak.
    Awesome LM, awesome person.
    Well deserved and a humongous congorats buddy.

    Keep on fighting the good fight till 15.


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    Thumbs up

    Congrats Akthuri!

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    Given his recent trend of posting pvp stuff in the general server space he might not ever see this thread But Congrats anyway!

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    congrats to rank ak

    good luck to you
    Meong (rank 10, RK) of Rhunen Rendir | Artemiburz (rank 10, BA)

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    grats Ak you have worked long and hard ,good luck to the next and may the luck o'the irish be with thee theo

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    Grats Ak!!!!!!!!!! You are one of my true friends in this game and I am so happy that I stayed awake long enough to see you rank. You deserve it. Hopefully you will be out there to help me get to that rank as well as I will be to get you to rank 15.

    Love Ya

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    Gratz Ak, great person and great leader. You're one of those people who makes everyone around them play better. Always better when you're around. Looking forward to getting back out there and going to more bbqs with you.

    Attended by Coldaen

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    Akthuri! You made it! grats!! Nice job on the hard work; you have put alot of effort into your lm and it really shows. I have so many good memories grouping with you whether its pve, which I know you enjoy so much, or pvp. I had fun in all of them. Thanks for always being there for me too, it means alot. You are a good true person, and I respect that. Keep up the good work all right, and go for that captain general thing. Grats AK!!!!!!!!!


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    Coco Bongo
    Congrats Akthuri
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    Congratulations! : )
    Llesley Phillips of Landroval, A Lone Hunter
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    of Landroval, Officer of Nimthos' Protectors of The Blessed Realm, Of Silverload. Nimthos' Protectors of The Blessed Realm, Ceradwen Tinuriel's Oracles of the Golden Woods, Zola's Exile

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    congratz man! good luck on the grind to rank 15! let me know when you get close and i can give you it with my warg (if it is still on silverlode at that point)


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    Thanks team! Even Artemiburz, my morning (est) arch-nemesis

    I will say this, all things being equal, the push for 14 was more enjoyable than most of my rank-ups, I rarely looked at the bar because 900k goes really slowly, so my focus was on just having fun.

    That said, I will be playing a lot less, I think this last update killed PvP, the fun factor is largely gone for me, I really only come out anymore for my friends (many of you have posted in this thread). I love small grouping, raiding is a great way to socialize, but the moors are broken badly when both sides' focus is on delving buffs, OP's and keeps for more buffs. I hate, HATE PvE (as Drail has alluded to) and with the addition of more PvE to the moors... I could go on......

    I will need a new job as of Monday the 1st, so my focus will need to be there anyways.

    15? Highly unlikely - but - maybe if my friends on both sides keep playing!

    Special shout outs to:

    Heston, thanks for sticking with me right up to the last, I can always count on your for a group - and a shoulder to cry on per lack of employment!
    Lea, for just being you. My greatest supporter in the moors and a wonderful human being in real life, keep smiling and know others do not define you!
    Storm, I am glad that it was you defending my country, thanks, and thanks for being a great friend, I am honored to know you.
    Theo, an inspiration to ANYONE who takes the time to get to know you, thanks for letting me into your life.
    Elicit, we have had our differences over the years but you speak your mind, we need more of that in real life too, thanks for all of your support whether you lead - or I do.
    Alix and Esis, for always finding a way to make me feel better about myself
    Aceinthehole, for being the casual you, probably the nicest guy on the server, a great leader, I met you 7 years ago as we farmed Sadauk to extinction on our hunters.
    Viktor (Buck), years ago I met you in tells when we were in HH, it was a bit weird to know someone looked up to me because of a video game, but you have proven to be an amazing friend, a great listener and a fun story-teller. I am still glad you got me to join arise, keep being you!
    Drail, always the ambassador for arise, I am glad we are friends through all of the noise (this goes for Ershy, Eary, Len as well) I just wish the split had never happened. One awesome kin will always be better than 2 great kins.
    Slammin, You cracked me up from the day we met, always asking me what I had to eat last, I am buying a new phone soon, text me!!
    Maggot, we have had our differences, but I consider you a friend. If we lived near each other I know some nights I would have walked out of the bar pissed at you, I would have jacked you in the eye, but we would still be friends. Thanks for showing me the ropes on creepside and always ALWAYS inviting me to raids, even when my creeps sucked.
    Mely, same, we have had lots of ups and downs, I am glad I understand what your corpse-jumping means Invite me anytime, you are a great leader, good enough that I can ignore the language for some wins!
    Nimthos, Kichi, Katmai, you guys have very quietly earned every speck of my respect, probably the three most solid players on freepside, period. I'll group with any of you ANYTIME!
    Doro/Coco, thanks for the good fight all the time, I am better because of you!
    Coldaen, what can I say, one of my besties out there, the life of the party and willing to take a bullet for no good reason.
    Daarlin / Bitsey, I hate your playstyle, but you are a genuinely nice person, different time, different place -- lets just say there is a special place in my heart for you with everything you've been through. If you decide to level your LM to 95, look me up!
    Redrod, What can I say, I might know you the longest, the best warg hunter on the server, bar none, fun, professional (until you disband because you got the button) and a mainstay, thanks brother.
    Acinonyx / Mac, I've only known you a short while, but smart, a good tactician and a good friend, I will PvE or PvP with you anytime!!
    Morteth, We had our differences once, but I am glad we have gotten past that, articulate, nice, fun and a great RK.
    All BA's, it's nothing personal, I love my friends, you cut them up, I come after you first :P

    I know I am leaving some people out, I will edit this as I think of folks. I didn't mention a lot of the people who no longer come to the moors either, but props to Kuruharan, BH, Eriaden, and the best LM to ever grace the moors... Shandor.

    Creeps, all of RR, you guys are beasts in the morning (est), Vamp, even though you run every time you see me, Fungo, for always making me feel important, Jasthir/Bunkle, for always kiting me around til I can kill you 10 minutes later - it's inevitable bro, just accept it and save us both time , Deathgoober, I seriosuly miss your BA.

    I could go on, but I will pause for now. Thanks guys, no matter which side of my staff you have been on, it's been a fun run.
    Irin r8 Hunter // Arngar r8 Burg // Akthuri r15 LM // Vishus r5 Captain // Curad r11 (active) Mini

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    Gratz akthuri.its always fun zerging you. As well as being zergd by you

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    N. Gate, Grams
    Grats Irin
    Ridduk R14 WL

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    Strong, strong work my friend!

    A simple congrats doesn't seem to cover it, but gonna add mine to the list anyway! Taught me more than I can remember about moors, have done it with tolerance (including true greenies and perpetual noobs like myself), and been a high-character guy throughout. A friend indeed.

    Sorry to hear you won't be on much, hard to imagine heading out there and not crossing paths with you at some point, but RL comes first as always.

    If and when you make a push for 15 I'll be sure to come around and ride your coattails some more .

    Best of Luck.


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    GRATZZZZZ from Ky

    Big gratzz man, been on another server alot, sorry I missed the event, I know what effort it takes to reach that lvl, MAY YOUR BONFIRES OF CREEP BODIES BE HIGH, AND YOUR DEATHS BE LOW....GRATZZZ AGAIN!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irin19 View Post
    I didn't mention a lot of the people who no longer come to the moors either, but props ... BH
    I was out there today

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    You'll be back in like two weeks, goodbye posts have almost no merit nowadays.

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    Oh and almost forgot the important part, grats

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    Grats... always a pleasure to run with you (or from you)

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    Congrats on making it to 14. Great effort, and I appreciate every stun protect I get from you! I know the great "split" has left things sour, but I have always respected you and you will always have our support out there when you need it. Good luck to next rank!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffin91 View Post
    You'll be back in like two weeks, goodbye posts have almost no merit nowadays.
    I didn't say I was leaving, I said I would be playing a lot less.

    All of my posts have merit! Well, at least to me they do...
    Irin r8 Hunter // Arngar r8 Burg // Akthuri r15 LM // Vishus r5 Captain // Curad r11 (active) Mini

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    Gratz Ak Well played and all that jazz. Sorry to hear you won't be out much. We still need the Deathstar to grace the moors with its presence :P Hopefully many more good times to come. I wish you good tidings with your RL biz.
    Arrogance is a form of self-deception.


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