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    Game is hanging (client is responsive)

    Player movement freezing mid-game and no error message shown. Happens about twice a day (mid dungeon of course).

    Client seems responsive, can rotate, open Inventory etc, but it requires killing the game via task manager to get it working again.

    The internet connection is fine (we have another machine on the same router that's never hung)

    Both machines are Win7 with all latest updates, and we have no clue why just one machine is randomly stopping working (acting like it lost server connection).

    Help appreciated!

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    You will want to start by working your way through the connection sticky.
    First the lotroclient needs to be added to your firewall exceptions and exceptions for your virus real time scanning and any internet software.
    Then check out the section on ports and the rest of the sticky, and get back to us if that doesn't fix it.


    Oops. Almost forgot. If that other computer is running lotro at the same time, you are going to need to make sure you follow the sections that account for this.

    - Does more than one PC connect to the game at the same time?
    With two computers connecting at the same time they could be "stepping" on each others connections somewhat. Open the userpreferences.ini file"
    "....and in that file under the [Net] section find the "UserSpecifiedPort" option and set it to 9000 (eg. UserSpecifiedPort=9000) on computer "A" and on computer "B" change it to 9007 (eg. UserSpecifiedPort=9007). Be sure to save the changes you make before launching Lotro to test.

    (Also in cases of two PC's connecting you might need to configure port "triggering" on your router, it's essentially the same as port forwarding but less "specific" it just opens ports in a range you specify anytime a request comes in or goes out on one of those ports)"
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