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    Stealth and the burglar in Moria question.

    I'm just beginning in Moria with my level 52 Burglar. My legendary burglar's tools have +3 stealth boost, but I've noticed that the goblins I am hunting near Durin's Threshold, blue names to me, almost always see me before I get into strike position. What's going on with that? Is there something I'm missing or have I just been having a run of bad luck? Thanks.
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    Never had a problem here at that level. Same as usual - avoid 90 degree frontal arcs and come in directly behind. Diversion helps a bit to get through groups. Moria has a lot of tight corridors so staying out of the front arc range and staying far enough away is more tricky than doing it outdoors - the mobs in moria may have better stealth detection than normal... I remember noticing that more of them would about-face just as I was putting a stabby in...

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    It takes time figuring out the stealth detection mechanics. There is a certain radius around the mob which may get you detected if you enter it. Second and maybe even more important factor is time you spend in that radius. From my experience, higher stealth speed is more important in getting past mobs than stealth lvl, unless you are getting past by some higher lvl mobs, which can detect you almost instantly without somoe good +stealth lvl bonus. Chance of detection is also ofcourse much higher if you approach the mob from frontal.

    I most of the time rely on speed to not be caught, what i usually do is:
    - pick a target and go in stealth (if im not stealthed already
    - use reveal weakness and diversion when im at around 10m away
    - the mob is turned away and i keep clicking SS in forward so its used as early as possible (the range is around 2m if i remember right, so you dont really have to get in tight contact with the mob)

    This tactic also works on BAs in moors , with their self buff they will detect you 100% (unless you have som crazy stealth lvl build, so you must perform your SS before they can target you.

    If you have diversion on cooldown its safer to get behind a mob - leave the radius - that means getting past the mob and get several meters behind him, wait a sec and approach him again, this time from behind. Approaching a mob from frontal and walking around him is just too much time in the "steath detection" radius area
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    Been a long long time since my likkle 'obbit burg was levelling in Moria but I can't remember there being any substantial difference in stealth detection there (or anywhere else for that matter).
    Double-check you're doing everything highlighted by the previous posters, otherwise I guess it's just bad luck?

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    It must have been bad luck. Some even detected me when I threw reveal weakness! And my stealth speed is pretty good. I don't hesitate to strike as soon as I'm in range, but often got attacked before I could attack. I'm not having a lot of trouble one-on-one, but the goblins seem to resist my tricks also, more often than not.
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    As stated, they have increased detection from the front, and over time they get multiple chances to see you, so approach from behind and be quick about it.

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    Reveal Weakness doesn't affect it, it only increases damage taken by the MOB.

    Perhaps you are thinking of Diversion? That'll turn them so their back is to you.

    A key is to not move more than necessary in stealth, just like you are actually trying to keep hidden in shadows. Sneak up behind them, as soon as your skill is no longer out of range, stop moving and use it.

    +stealth level just makes it like you are a higher level character in stealth, if you are being spotted with it, then you are either too close or not behind them. You can totally sneak up behind higher level MOBs and strike first from stealth, so I've never found +stealth level useful for PvE.

    Hope this helps!
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    I have handled yellow and orange mobs in other parts of ME without problem. I usually throw Reveal Weakness first, while I am still out of range, then Diversion, then close in and attack. Many of the goblins "saw" me and attacked as soon as I throw RW. I had no chance to do Diversion. And several times they resisted Diversion, sometimes attacking as soon as I threw it. I was doing so well with sneak until I got inside Moria! I just wondered if there was something special about the mobs in Moria that made them more likely to resist tricks and "see" me.

    Thanks everyone for trying to help. I'll just have to slug it out more slowly.
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    Do they make an area damage with an effect?

    Take a look, if they have a buff, who makes damage (before fighting). If they have this effect, you will get damage and then you are out of stealth.

    Example: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Frost-dragonet have http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Aura:_Biting_Frost. You have no change to reach them in stealth, because you will get damage.
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    Just to bring everyone who tried to help up-to-date: I've tried again with my burglar, being more careful about keeping out of direct line of sight and seem to be doing better. I'm still not hitting very hard with that first strike, whether using "aim" or "position is everything", but am holding my own when one-on-one or two. Thanks again for all the support.
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    Basic landscape mobs' stealth detection also scales up significantly starting in Moria. Any +stealth level boost, be it from trait, tools, pocket, or cloak, will return you to the type of mob behavior you experienced up until that point. You don't need a lot, just one +2 boost will do it. We had some discussion on this back in the early days of Moria, and lots of the burgs who were accustomed to stealthy camp infiltration for a quick boss kill, or even simply trying to get up for a position surprise strike, were experiencing the same.
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