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    Bouncing in place since the 14 Oct patch

    Four times now since the patch I've been stuck in an uncontrollable bouncing mode. Three times I'd just gone through a door, and the fourth time I'd been dismounted just before going into a stream. It's not like rubber-banding, where you're running on the level and get pulled back repeatedly to where you were - it's all vertical.

    In three of the four cases I was able to bounce in some direction or other; in one of them bouncing to the other shore of the stream got me out of bouncing mode. I could still select the nearest object and use it if appropriate and I was close enough - I picked up mail while bouncing. In one of them (Lalia's Market) when I tried to move I stopped bouncing and found myself on one of the rafters above the market, where I could run back and forth, but went back into bouncing mode when I tried stepping off.

    I got out by (1) /stuck, (2) bouncing to the far bank, (3) Desperate Flight, and (4) Guiding out from the rfter.

    I /bugged it. Anybody else having similar isses since the patch?

    I'm on a PC (Linux/Wine) with NVIDIA 660M, and wasn't having this issue before the patch on either this laptop on on a Win7 desktop.
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    That happened to my hunter the other night. A kinnie and I were doing the first set of Floid and DeWitt locations. We'd found them in Lorien and I ported us to Mirkeaves. My friend arrived safely, my hobbit arrived bouncing up and down as though she'd arrived at the same elevation as she ported away from.

    Nothing I could do seemed to stop it--most attempts I just got told You cannot do that while moving. I was getting seriously nauseated from the movement so I just killed the program and relogged.



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