Hi everyone!

I recently moved to this server and so far, I'm enjoying playing on Laurelin. All the players out there seems to be very kind.
Right now I'm a Warden, already at lv 39, but tomorrow we'll never know... I'm almost on my way to Angmar and it will be painful to questing there because of all those fellowship quests. That's why I'm looking for a Kinship always ready to help. I'll be there to help aswell.
Right after questing in Angmar, it will be like a 'free pass' to level 75, so I hope to be 75 in about 3 - 4 weeks and 95 whenever I decide to buy Riders of Rohan and Helms Deep, till there, 75 will be my main goal.

By the way, I'm from Europe and it would be great to join an European Kinship!

Also i dunno if it helps... I'm a Tailor.

Add me In-game: Hurthan