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    A Wandering Company of One

    While running three simultaneous Total Immersion stories at once, I rarely get the opportunity to simply play Lotro in any sort of normal fashion – this is in no small part due to trying to maintain my stories and plot. It does not allow me to simply wander about the game and landscape, running quests just for fun sake.

    However, to allow myself the opportunity to play without the restrictions of a story on a character, I have decided to create a new character, an Elf named Istorn, of the house of Finrod. He is a Minstrel and one of the members of the strange Wandering Companies.

    Wandering Companies are small groups of Elves (often Noldor) who make not permanent home, but wander through Middle-earth. Many are Exiles whose kindred have long ago departed over the Sea; they linger only a short while before they too sail to Aman for the last time. In their wandering journeys, these Exiles often cross Eriador many times, to visit places of significance or great natural beauty.

    And so that is what I intend upon doing with Istorn; I will travel short distances at a time, with no hurry to reach my destination (if I even have a destination), stopping to camp frequently in secluded areas. I will avoid all settlements unless they are Elvish ones. I will travel mostly in the wilds, but I will pass along roads and lanes at night. Naturally, I will use my Total Immersion rules while I wander about.

    I will first wander about Ered Luin and the Shire; when Istorn reaches a level of around 12th, I will expand his wanderings into the Bree-lands. Eventually, I will further expand his regional paths as he levels. Hopefully, his overall wandering will reach even to Mirkwood!

    During his wanderings, I am not going to run any quests alone; I will only do so when I meet another player seeking aid or help in any fashion, be it to complete a quest, a deed, an escort from one place to another, etc. Or I am happy just for random Rping from time to time.

    I may at some point use Istorn for a story, perhaps to write about his final journey from Middle Earth. For added fun I may consider forming a small all-Elven kinship based upon the Wandering Companies…

    So if there are any players in need of assistance, look for Istorn – I would be very happy to help!

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    A fellow Elf! I'll keep an eye for Istorn, and hopefully he and Orelchon will cross paths at some point.



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