I’m posting this hoping for any ideas and / or suggestions to help fix my graphical issues in LOTRO. I stopped playing for a bit around a month ago and everything was fine. I could do anything single-player or 3/6 in Ultra with all the bell’s and whistles without any noticeable issue. Almost any 12 man instance I could run easily in Medium or better. The only exceptions were Fear Wing T2 and BoE with the fire. For these, I would generally crank it down to low just to minimize issues. After coming back this weekend, this is not nearly the case.

It started this Friday when we decided to run OD. Initial wing went fine with no issues noticed. We downed that and moved on to Fear. This one has always run a bit laggy for me, so I didn't think anything about it when I was lagging a bit on the trash pulls. When we got to Durin’s Bane, it got much, much worse. The first pull or two was laggy, but ok. It quickly went downhill to the point that I was running on an invisible treadmill, flying through the platform when thrown, and basically being able to not do much of anything. It had been so long since I had had any frame rate issues that I couldn't remember how to pop up the meter so I didn't get what my FPS was. My connection was registering 40-50 ms and 0 loss. The lag made it absolutely unplayable. This was on Very Low.

It would only get worse the following night on Saturday, again on Very Low. We decided to run Helegrod on this occasion. The lag was bad enough that I could barely move for most of the boss fights, and the trash pulls were hardly much better. Then the absolute worst came on Dragon Wing. Before the fight I found the command to turn the FPS meter to see what I was getting. During Drugoth, my frames never went over about 18. If that wasn’t bad enough, it would only get worse once the Dragon came to play. At this point, it bottomed out between 2 and 6 FPS. I could literally do nothing. I lagged so badly that when the leader said “well done” when the dragon died, he still showed between 4-500K health on my screen. He had time to roll out the loot and I had time to have a tell conversation with him before the dragon went down. There was no lag on the in-game voice comms. Connection again registered as 40-50 ms and 0 loss.

My landscape FPS is down as well. On Ultra, it never goes above 20 and regularly ranges from 8 – 18 generally. If memory serves it used to regularly be 40+ and would dip to about 30 in-town. Now I can sit still on my horse in the countryside and it sits at ~21. Even on Very Low never goes above 26 and ranges from 11 – 22 mostly. I mostly play for group content and raiding particularly, so this makes it rather frustrating. My frames seem to be fine in all the other games I play including strat titles with lots of graphical eye candy, particles, etc.

My pertinent comp specs are as follows:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400

8GB Corsair Ram

ATI Radeon HD 5850 2GB Ram

Troubleshooting steps I’ve tried:

Reset router

Unloaded all plug-ins

Checked temp meter (36C)

Changed DX version in-game from DX 11 to DX 10 to DX9

Did a full uninstall and re-install of newest video drivers

Did a full uninstall, re-download, and install of High Res Client

Prayed, did a ritualistic dance, and broke out other various charms, incense, and such

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it. Always willing to augment what I’ve described and/or info I have given if it would help pinpoint a resolution. Thanks in advance!