Enjoying the Lord of the Rings online Content at the correct level!

Fellow serverladies and gents,

Let me ask you:
Have you ever wandered around and felt lonely in the massive world known as Lord of the Rings online?
Have you ever wanted to do an instance, a fellowship quest or a raid at the correct level, but you couldn't find a fellowship since the globallff is just full of level 85's?
Guess what, We had the same!

So because of this we came up with the long overdue idea, to make a channel just to find your fellowships for non-level 85 content.
Now ofcourse an idea is useless if it is not acted upon: So we found the channel right away.

Now this channel is not a channel that's hosted by 1 person, it is our gift to the community as a whole,
And it can not work without the community! Therefore we would like to invite you to join the channel, and find people that also like to do on-level content, just like you!

Ofcourse this idea had a lot of followers immediately. And that is not all: We had quite a few successes, even at 2 AM server time, within minutes people have found on-level fellowships for GA (level 30-35 ish instance) and more!

So you might think: Is this channel for me?
Let me answer that question with a few questions:

- Do you have any characters between level 1 and level 65?
- Would you like to level along with other players of your own level?
- Would you like to join instances or even raids at the correct level?
- Is there this hard world-fellowship quest that you need help with?
- Would you like to enjoy the levelling process, rather than just speeding to level 85?

If you answered "yes" to any of those, then this channel is the place to be!

Before it was hard or impossible to find an instance fellowship on your own level, Now it is made easy with access to like minded people!
The aim is to give everyone at a low or medium level the opportunity to do instances and other fellowship events/quests at the level they were meant to be, without the need of getting a level 85 to help you.

To join this channel in 3 easy steps:
1) In the game press"Enter" to open the chat.
2) Type "/joinchannel lowlvl" (without the "'s)
3) Press Enter.

This will make the channel bind to one of your userchannels.
Have you not yet joined an earlier channel this channel would be User Chat 1, which you can talk in by typing /1 [message].
Remember: You will have to do that for each character that you have as the chatchannels are set per character!

Now let's make this channel work, we cannot make it work by our own, so we would like to ask you all to join this channel and have many on-level adventures together!
Let us low level characters find the fellowships and play the world quests and instances at the level they were meant to be played at!

Barhuin, Randash and Bonir