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    Water Wheels of Nala-Dum WOW whats going on with this ?

    Ok something is seriously wrong with the scale of the quest. It says 60 level Small fellowship,, Ya right! On most times my wife and I can do small fellowship quest as a duet when we are a few level over the quest. We got into this instance buffed up Food scrolls the normal buff up before a tough quest. We lasted about 1 min and we where so dead its mot funny this felt like all of a full fellowship and then some. I never seen anything like this. My wife and I have been playing 2 years and this quest made me feel like a 100% newbie.

    There must be something wrong with the scaling My wife is a 63 level hunter and I was on my 63 level champ and this was the worst party wipe we ever had both dead in under 30 sec.

    I got to say this game makes no sense sometimes ! 99% of the content is so easy it puts u to sleep They really need to fix this. I know running a small fellowship as a duet should be a bit tough but so far its always been do-able.
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