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    Helm's Deep Pre-Purchase PLUS Expansion Quad Pack

    I purchased this recently and while I understand that Helm's Deep hasn't dropped yet, I was curious if there were keys, etc. for the Expansion Quad Pack that would be sent before the drop of HD?

    It is my understanding that the expansion packs are digital downloads and would thus would require key(s)?

    Obviously, I am new to this whole process and while I did sift through a bunch of posts, I didn't find this particular question.

    Thank you

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    First off, there is no special download required to play the expansions. On every client all the content is present from the get-go (or gets added automatically as new regions are implemented), but some of it is locked and not usable until it has been purchased for the account in question. If you log in your account through somebody else's computer you'll still get your own unlocks, not theirs, and their client is identical to yours even if they have different unlocks purchased.

    That said, what you purchased was the unlock for the expansion content, not some kind of download or additional file for your client. How this unlock is delivered to you depends on where you bought access to the expansion. Currently, there is two separate sites which both are called the "LotRO Market" which sell pretty much the same things, but which do so in a slightly different manner.

    In all likelihood, you followed a link from the community page (the page you're using right now and which also hosts these forums). That link would have taken you to store.lotro.com, the new Market. All purchases on this new Market are automatically applied to the account that was logged in during the purchase process. No key gets sent via email; there is nothing more you need to take care of after paying.

    If you used Google or some other outside source, though, you might have ended up at store.turbine.com, the old Market. If you made your purchase there, you should have received a key via email which you'd have to enter manually.

    I think it is more likely that your purchase got auto-applied to your account since Turbine funnels customers to the new Market whenever possible.

    To check on what you have unlocked, open the in-game Store and browse the "Account -> Content -> Expansions" category. If you don't see Moria, Isengard and the other expansions there, they're already unlocked for your account and everything is as it should be. If you can still see the expansion in the Store, check your email in-box and anti-spam inbox for an email with an unlock key. If you don't find that either, it may be the best to contact support and let them sort this out.

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    Thank you for the very thorough reply! You've answered questions I didn't realize I had until now.

    I think I got confused as the other choice listed for the expansion packs listed them as downloadable files.

    I visited the in-game store and when visiting that particular section saw the generic message that included this as to why I could not see any options: 2. Your account status may already grant access to this category's offerings.

    Thank you again,


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    Thanks Anyelir,

    I was about to post the exact same question. you saved me the time.



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