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    Why slots for house items? Are we going to get Rohan-style housing development?

    First. I play several MMO type games. Many have housing. In my LOTRO house I am never so frustrated to find that I cannot put something where I imagine it being, I cannot put a particular type of item where I want it to be, and I cannot have what I want in my yard. Whose hair-brained idea was this? My house in EQ2 has some uncountable (so it seems) number of items. EQ2 has components you can build with, I built a waterfall, reflective pool, and small forest IN MY LIVING ROOM. I lost count how many stone building blocks I used. Same as the attic, only it is a woods with a pond. If the house had an outdoors (it does now but I'm not moving either of them) then I would have had them there. But I digress. Another game I play is the same as for placement restrictions. Both limit the amount of junk you can accumulate by allowing for number of items. If you want to put all 1,000 of them in the front yard, then it is your business.

    On the same ilk, is there (I haven't seen one) or will there be a Rohan housing area? I love the architecture of the towns and mead halls (can you imagine a mead hall kinship hall?) Even the smallest Rohan home would be so nice for a starter home. I'd even quit complaining about slots for a bit. Short while anyway.

    Totally different. Is there anything resembling a stove/oven available? I made a kitchen, it needs an oven. Why is there no place to cook food?

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    I agree with you on the impossibilty to place your items where you want them to, and the limit of items you can place somewhere. However it was said that the housing system would get an update this year (i'm guessing at the end of the year, or perhaps early 2014..) so, let's hope they improve the whole deco/housing system a bit..

    About the option to get a rohan house.. i don't think you'll get that anytime soon. That would require them building a whole new homestead (which could perhaps be possible when Helm's deep comes, since chars of all levels can go there), but i just don't see it happening soon, or at all.

    For now, hopefully the housing system will get improved soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by FroukjeMarije View Post
    let's hope they improve the whole deco/housing system a bit..
    It's certainly possible there could be some improvements to decorating, but they've confirmed that getting rid of the hooks system isn't in the cards - it's basically far too much work, and it simply doesn't matter what other games have done (because they're not architected the same way this one is).

    My guess on what they'll do: add crafting (confirmed), add more housing storage (in the Store), maybe relax some of the restrictions about what items can be on which hooks. I'd love it if the Rohan music were available too. If we get more than that, great, but I'm not really holding my breath.


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    If that is all they confirmed than the housing 'update' or 'revision' is going to fail miserably. At first, few years back that is, I was very happy to buy a house. Wanted every housing item I did. Now? I can't be arsed to buy one anymore. They just sit there. Time and money sink is what it is. And why add crafting?! Depending on you server population, the crafting halls are about the only place left where one might stumble upon another player.

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    For your kitchen, one of the Rohan quests (might be in the epic) gives you both a large and small firepit. I've got the small one in the main room of my house.

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    How I wish they would get rid of the hooks - I could plant a whole haunted forest on one of my lawns about now.
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