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Thread: Small Firepit

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    Small Firepit

    The quest reward for Epic III.8.5 was a "Small Firepit". I can't remember if I sold it or trashed it (since chests still don't accept the ever growing number of "bound" items), but I don't have it now. Is there a way that I can get it back short of leveling an alt to 75, running the quest, and giving him house permissions?

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    Unfortunately no, there isn't a way to reacquire the item if you sold or trashed it. Hopefully this isn't the case and you've simply misplaced it. Have you tried checking your bank vaults and escrow? Perhaps you placed the item in a friend's house and forgot about it.

    That said, there are some housing updates planned for later this year. They haven't officially addressed this, but given the growing number of bound items, I wouldn't be surprised if housing chests eventually accept bound housing items.
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    Since that item is bound, you could maybe ask around on your server if any 1 has 1 they aren't using and ask if they wouldn't mind letting you have thiers. What you would need to do is give them permission to decorate in order to place it in your house, then just uncheck that box after they have placed it in your house. Stopping them from any further decorating. The downfall to this idea is..well as of now any way is...that item will be permanently placed in your house, unless you get that same person to remove it later, or by chance they suddenly unbind that item in the future.

    I guess it all depends on how badly you want it, and what you are willing to go through to get it.



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