Well lets get this thing started..
I think the houses should be built from the ground up.. I know some of you payed rune-scape.. You have to collect items to make a room at a time.. Which I think is more entertaining to do.. But have it set up to where you can build your house anywhere you please.. Each room like dressers chest closets ect. should be allowed to place things in.. like clothes in the closet aka costumes and that.. Dresser used for anything like how it is in oblivion.. Can use the dressers and that to separate everything.

Then there's the decorating.. Allow us to place things where we want not where you want us to.. I would love to do things to my home that you wont allow.. Not cool bro..

New subject

The skills.. Who else doesnt like the skill chooses?.. I get woodcutting and gathering the wood.. but come on make them more together.. like if it requires whatever else stick to that.. cooking farming tailoring.. see goes together,.. you need certain herbs to make clothes or for scholars..

Then we got the hobby Fishing.... Really fishing only option.. come on be smarter.. Have like alchemy, woodler(wood carving), rug making, skinner, whatever.. but come on give us more options.. People would enjoy doing more then fishing there buddy..

New subject

Mounts.. Should be able to combine then\m for each toon.. so you dont got to buy one constantly for a new toon..

new subject

Hunters should be allowed to tame an animal as his companion in fighting.. certain animals got certain traits like a wolf can sniff out things or treasure.. bears can gather rabbits or whatever for the cookers.. Something like that..

Thats all I can think of for mow/ ill update it more when more comes to mind.. Feel free to add to it to if you wish..

Have a nice day :}