Hey guys,

So last night I got my second character to 85, my Hunter.

I had made ready with my champ a full set of 85 Wildermore medium guild armor, as follows:

Helm: Enduring Wildermore Helm of Balance
Shoulders: Enduring Wildermore Pauldrons of Balance
Chest: Enduring Wildermore Armor of Balance
Leggings: Enduring Wildermore Leggings of Balance
Gauntlets: Enduring Wildermore Gauntlets of Combat
Boots: Enduring Wildermore Boots of Combat

So, I have this full set equipped as of now, but I am now worried about something...

My hunter unbuffed and with full gear has 10,085 morale, but the Vit is ~200 and my fate has dropped by at least 200 from its original 550. I've rarely seen a hunter with this morale and I am worried I have built up too much +Max Morale and have slipped up with my important base stats. My Agi is 1,950, but could be much more with the Hytbold Huntsman/Bowmaster 4:2 mix I originally planned, along with more Finesse and Vit/Fate across the hytbold set.

So my question here is this: What would you guys do? I feel ive kinda Nerfed my hunter with this move, and would you guys say the Hytbold set would be much better for DPS and crit, as I feel my hunter is docked too much in the Vit/Fate area and finesse is abnormally low too.

Thanks for your time guys,