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    Thanks for giving the Hunter class nonsense skills

    Just a random thread:

    After playing a few other class based MMOs with the Ranger class/archetype, I've gained a new appreciation for our travel (taxi) skills and especially the Bright Campfire. Little nonsense skills like these add so much flavour to the feel of roleplaying as a ranger (the archetype, I know our Hunter class is not the actual LOTR-Ranger).

    The Ranger class/archetypes of many other MMOs are just pure killing machines, like all their other classes.
    In LOTRO, we are killing machines with flavour. I hope we keep these little touches come HD.
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    I am not sure the hunter have any nosense skills. They have some redundant but logical skills. The hunters port skills may not make as much sence now as when the game started. Then there wasn't as much swift travel rides, return to skills, maps & you have to physically run to the dungeons (no instances teleport). The hunters port skills are still quite useful.
    Anyways, the devs will do a purge of redundant skills to all class when Helms Deep get released.

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    It's cheaper and faster to use hunter travel skills not to mention you only have to travel to one place if it's that far away.



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