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Thread: How to Guide...

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    How to Guide...

    For Trolling.

    It's become apparent that you Meneldorians have lost your nack for trolling each other with name reconfiguration so I aim to amend that.

    Things like Tazfailure and Hairyx are not successful trolls, they are terrible and only make you look like a fool.

    Now I find that the best and most successful trolls usually reside in taking someone's name and what they are best known for and smashing them together. That being said let me show you a few examples of those that have been made in the past and some that I have just thought up in my head while writing this....
    (Take note that these may be either inaccurate or outdated)

    1. Halabrandir
    2. Halarunlikeadeer Sorry for the twofer but those were the first that came to mind.
    3. Fleeso/Flopso
    4. Blowlash/Bowtrash
    5. Turswap
    5. Dextrun
    6. AmestoFlees
    7. Runyin
    8. Scoobiedum
    9. Akrap
    10. Boktrash

    If you notice most if not all of those clearly resemble those who are the object of said troll and can easily be noticed to who it's referring to.

    Now please for those of you with slightly higher IQs than the common fruit-fly, I challenge you to please share any of your creative or interesting troll names that you can think of. Have a good night and I look forward to seeing your creations when I wake up.

    DISCLAIMER - For those named, please do not take offense it is clearly a joke post and if you can't laugh at yourself and get upset about this you should probably think about taking an anger-management/self-esteem class.
    Kilganon R11 Champion/Galmielwing-r12 Warg/ Tacky R11 Mini(Retired/Defeated by grind)

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    A few that I've heard during the time I've been on the server:

    5.Joan Three-dick
    6.Blazhole (no longer with us)
    7.The Darkgambler (a name used by the player itself, still hilarious nonetheless)
    10.Running (luck)
    12. Fuked

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    Assmouth (Azsouth) Transfered
    Tampax (Tambaz)
    Kotef (Kotex) Old player who doesnt play anymore
    Crashtestdummy (Healzfordummies)
    F*gguk (Thragguk)
    Blowtrash (i like this one :P)
    Pigstylebooby (Orcstyleboogy)

    12centimeterfullybuffed (12 inches unbuffed)
    Bloody Idiots (Bloody Maggots)
    Zerg One (Dark Ones)

    The most girly man champ of the moor (Aka Halarandir) that one cracked me up and had to put it here.
    I got so many nickname during the time i played its hilarious.

    There's many more that i cant remember right now but will continue to add them as i remember them :P

    No offence meant here btw, just remembering stuff for old time sake
    Some are pretty funny actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perelik View Post
    F*gguk (Thragguk)
    Thragco*k was given to me on day 1 by someone in BM (prolly TT) but I approve of F*gguk so...

    Also, my Warg is on BW :/



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