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    Two Hammerhand Morale Bubbles????

    One is self-only, and the other is friendly-target only.
    That is the sole difference (the self-buble absorbs a little more, but is a trivial difference).

    Why two different spells that do the exact same thing?

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    Sometimes your friend needs a bubble. Sometimes you need a bubble. Sometimes that both happen at the same time.

    Besides, have you noticed the vast difference in cooldowns? Self-bubble is 1m, friend-bubble is 5m.

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    I must (obviously, lol) not have read enough of the two spells to notice the cooldowns.
    Maybe its just my ocd talking, but having two has always made me feel the extra spell was redundant.
    A five minute debuff on the friend would be prefered, to me.
    One less spell to clutter the bars, and one less spell to misclick.

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    self restores power if the bubble expires and (improved version) prevents induction knockback, group does neither.
    group improved version has a pretty potent heal attached, self doesn't.
    “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”



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