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    Quote Originally Posted by Khafar View Post
    If I break the rules (which is uncommon, but does happen), I take responsibility for it. I don't complain about consequences, and I don't cry about others actually applying the rules. Nor do I apologize when I'm helping to apply those rules - like here. Laws/rules are part of the foundation for civil societies. Each and every one doesn't need my personal OK before I'll try to abide by them.

    If you name your character "MDMArocks" and someone reports you for it, you'll get a forced name change. That's 100% on you. Not on the person who reported you, and not on the company who applied its own rules.

    Actually I prefer the Greek concept of 'Anarchos'. It means 'one without rulers'. Note that I'm pointing to the ancient Greek version here, not the 'modern' connotation. The ancient Greeks believed that it was possible that each individual could be SO responsible in and of themselves, as an entire society, that Malum prohibitum (wrong because it's illegal, such as 'speeding') wasn't needed. Only Malum in se (wrong because it's inherently evil or damaging. Murder, theft, etc.)

    I'm certainly not complaining or whining about anything here. And to my knowledge, neither is the individual who was 'reported' by the OP. No one is saying 'oh boo hoo, we broke the rules and have to pay the piper.' What people are saying is, in effect, urging others to stop being such jellyfish and hypocrites.

    Most of you arguing in favor have admitted that you break the rules whenever you like. Speeding, covenents, things that you've lawfully signed your name to that you've agreed to uphold under penalty of law.

    You freely admit that you throw these things to the wind, and yet think in some twisted version of reality that you have the high ground.

    But in the same breath you then say that you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions. Good, as well you should.

    But see, here's the rub. If you TRULY believed in the 'rule of law' in the first place, you'd not break those laws, no matter how minor. You'd not speed, or break your covenant. Ever.
    Or you'd do your utmost in that regard as much as humanly possible.

    I do not speed. Ever. I do not break anything I've signed my name to. Ever.

    Not because it's against the rules, but because I personally choose to be responsible. Going 55 mph down a residential neighborhood street where there are kids and a posted 25 mph speed limit is NOT responsible adult behavior. (Anyone who does so isn't just 'breaking the speed limit', they are endangering children's lives.)

    Realize that every single one of us has their own line. Everyone has an artificial line in the sand regulating just how far they will or will not move it.

    Alcohol was legal once upon a time. Then illegal. And now legal again. Think of all the people who died when it was 'illegal'. Think of the trauma it created just because it was the 'law' at the time. It seems silly now, years later after the fact. Just a historical footnote. I guarantee the folks living in the time took it very seriously. If you went to a speakeasy looking for a drink, in many cases you could be risking your life. That's an awful lot of risk for a drink. But folks did it.

    I think that what I'm basically saying here, is get off the high horse. You have no high ground. None, whatsoever.
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