My Warg is currently r7 with 12 Aud. At the moment, I am taking a much needed break from the game....during this time, I would like to (or at least attempt to) find out info to improve on playing my class. Generally, while out in the current Moors, I feel like cannon fodder, partially my own fault because I senselessly charge into raids. I also tend to struggle with 1v1s unless it's a Hunter.

So, I have 3 questions:


I've decided to go with the Laurelin build from The Art of Warg's site. Is this still a good option in current moors right now?


Currently, in Shadow, I use Pounce>Maul>Claws>Slow or, if fighting a Burg or LM, I use Maul>Slow>Claws? Are either of these any good? Can anyone suggest a better rotation?

Thirdly and finally, for Flayer, does anyone have any rotation suggestions?