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    Angry Check a character from the website. (Gear, stats and such)

    Yes, it existed in the old forums, as well as you could see items, now it seems that you've removed it all, perhaps you could return this service? Cheers!

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    I would like this, it was very handy when crafting things for alts, so I could see what they already had without having to write it all down.
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    Nope, it isn't coming back. It was often badly out of date, and when they did pull a new set of data, it put a major load on their databases. Plus it just wasn't used by a lot of players... apparently far less than the percentage who use the forums (which isn't really all that huge to begin with).

    It's true that they use a subset of that data to run the Lotteries, but it's really a very tiny subset (just character name, level, and server - no character stats, no equipment, etc). Yet even that much isn't working reliably yet, because character levels are often still out of date and deleted characters can show up.


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    The only way I would ever want to see this come back was if it was physically impossible for any other players to see your character data. And having an anonymous option doesn't cut it. I had someone stalk me a couple of years ago and used that feature to track me down across servers.

    Like I said, I would not mind seeing my characters, but only me without having to set them all to anonymous.

    On a totally off topic note, I find myself having to edit my posts before submitting them because I always have words in there that have nothing to do the subject matter. I hate that.
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