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    advice please regarding dunland quests

    hi there, I asked for help via a ticket and the gm suggested I post in here and ask so here goes.
    I have just completed the barnavon quests in dunland and with my other charachters im sure i had a quest that led me to another set of quests at either the rohirim camp or somewhere else , i cant see any quests here or there and im wondering what im doing wrong, please advise me i am sick of running back and forth wondering where to quest. I Have went to rohirim camp, found the npcs in the bushes and near tree of tribute etc but none of them are willing to give me a quest. I havnt done any epic quests in this area if that's whats causing the problem?

    anyway I really am stuck and would greatly appreciate any advice as ive spent a few hours now running around. Thanks a lot in advance

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    try checking this: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Dunland against your quest log.

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    Someone should send you to the NPC near a campfire in the far west part of Gravenwood. That'll start you escorting that ranger to the ranger camp and should start the rest. I forget who gives that first quest though.

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    It might well be that you are not getting progression because you haven't done the Epic line. I believe they are linked to the regular series of quests, but correct me if I am wrong. There are Epic quests in Barnavon here:


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    i found that dunland questchains are really sensitive on the part of pick-upo items quests... if you have forgotten to pick up an item that gives you a quest it might lead to a huge amount of other quests in other areas (i for instance forgot to pick up a quest in the bonevales...)
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    Picking landscape items that start quest, drop items from named monsters that start quest, getting behind on the epic & choice of optional quest (either do this quest or this quest will open this or this other chain), can alter the quest progresion on Dunland.
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    thank you kindly for the replies, will go back and look for the book quests



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