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Thread: Tomes

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    I have recently got a number of tomes in the gold weekly freebies we get, but have not worked out how to use them.

    When I right click any of them it says does not meet the requirement.

    For examples with tome of fate rank 5 which states requirement minimum level 10 and fate rank 4. My char is level 40; does that mean I have to buy tome of fate 1 to 4 before I can use 5 or am I missing something ?

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    That is exactly what it means. You must use the Tomes in order. Might I before Might II before Might III etc.
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    It means that instead to spent TP on store or gold on AH, to buy the Fate stat tomes tier 1 to 4, you should save your money & mail me the Fate 5 tome. Im kdding! They arent even that expensive & they are worty to get.

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