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    Error message when trying to log in.

    Since the last update I have experienced two problems:

    1. When trying to open the LotRO launcher a command box would come up and flash on and off making the computer unusable. Thankfully this seems to have gone now, but it has given way to a secondary problem:

    2. When I type in my username and password, followed by the server I wish to enter and finally I click on my non-VIP subscription an error box comes up saying: 'Internal Error. Please contact Customer Support'.

    Anyone else having this problem?
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    Try setting the game language to something else, and change it back to English afterwards, then restart the launcher, this often helps. If it doesn't, open the command program (open your start menu, type cmd and hit enter), type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter. If that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas (except a full re-install of the game).
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    This article also has some workarounds that should help. If those don't work, click 'Support Center' at the top and submit a ticket to our Tech Support team.

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    Setup error

    When i setup the game after download, i took this error and i cant solve it "Unable to retrieve configuration information" Can u help me? Contact: [email address removed]
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    Quote Originally Posted by smail5889 View Post
    When i setup the game after download, i took this error and i cant solve it "Unable to retrieve configuration information" Can u help me? Contact: [email address removed]
    Please get in touch with support at support.turbine.com. Also, I've removed the email address from the post - it's perhaps not a very good idea to post up your personal email address on the forums. Thanks!

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    Internal Error message

    Is anyone else getting an Internal error, contact customer support message?
    Just started this morning and I contacted customer support. They said that they do not know but will pass it on and to go to the forums and see if I can find anything out.

    So here I am.....

    Confused....LOL ?????

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    Just today I started getting the "internal error" message when attempting to launch Bullroarer. I get the message as soon as I click on the shortcut on my desktop. Very odd. Had been having no issues until today.
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    I guess Turbine went to maintenance mode, no datacenter is answering the clients.
    At least that's what my LotroLauncher.log is telling me. When I copy/paste the given URL in the log to my browser, I get redirected to http://content.turbine.com/maintenance/
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    You do know that during Closed Beta you're only permitted to talk about Bullroarer in the Beta Forums? If you were in the Beta, then you may soon find that you no longer have access.



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