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    Quest pack and expansions

    Can anyone explain to me what one would need if they already have bought all expansions? To me it is all very unclear and confusing tbh.
    I was a VIP but am now premium. I have bought all expansions with real money but still I get the message that I need to buy quest packs.
    So what quest packs do I still need to buy that are not included in the expansions? I read that Moria no longer contains Lothlorien so that is one I guess but what about the rest? I am used to mmo's that if you buy an expansion you actually get everything in it! And not turned out you need to buy other stuff as well...
    And if I would go back to VIP does that mean I have access to everything now I have all expansions? Or are there still things that even in VIP does not include?

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    The quick, easy way to check which quest packs you don't have is to go into the store and check the Account - Quests & Content - Quest Packs section. Anything that appears there is something you don't have access to.

    The complicated answer is that expansions generally only contain as much content as they launched with. As a premium player who owns all the expansions, you'll be missing several zones, multiple skirmishes, and most of the group instances/raids. The specifics of which zones you're missing will depend on your other purchases - some of the expansion bundles also included quest packs, as do things like the Mithril Edition.

    For a complete list of the quest packs, see the LOTRO wiki:


    Your best bet will be to look at your store list, see what appears there, and cross reference it with the wiki to see which content might be relevant for you.

    Yes, if you return to VIP and own all expansions, you'll have access to everything. With that said, VIP vs. Premium is basically rent vs. own - VIP is cheaper in the short term but costs more over time, while Premium can be more expensive in the short term but costs less over time. If you're planning to be around for a long time, you might find it more effective to take the money you would have spent on VIP and channel it into buying Turbine Points for permanent account unlocks.

    Alternatively, store.lotro.com has a "special" offer selling a bundle of all the quest packs for a one time price of $80 (which equates to around 6 months of paying month to month).

    This is, of course, all very much YMMV.

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    The quest packs that are being talked about are for the zones that were a part of the original game, Shadows of Angmar. You still have your expansions that you bought, Moria and etc. And I believe if you actually bought Moria back in the day or a boxed version then you do have Lothlorien.

    Like I said, the quest packs are the original game zones instead of the expansions. You get Shire, Ered Luin, Bree and Lonelands for free with premium and as VIP you get all the rest free but as a premium player you will have to buy zones like North Downs, Evendim, Angmar, Trollshaws, Misty Mtns, Angmar, Enedwaith and etc. As McCorey says, whichever quest packs show up in your store are the ones you no longer have access to (though any quests or deeds you have already started you can finish). As VIP, these quest packs would not have shown up in your store list because VIP includes access to them.

    Does that make sense now?

    This is a little more confusing but i'll add it as well. For expansions, f2p players often have the choice to buy the full expansion with tp (which includes instances and such) or sometimes they can buy different parts of the expansion (e.g. Isengard is available as a quest pack + instance cluster each separate). But if you bought the full expansions with real money or with tp, however you did it, you should still have access to all those quest packs, instance, and etc that was part of the expansions. So the only quest packs you may still need are the original Shadows ones as I have stated above.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you both. It does clear up how it works. Now I just need to decide if I stay premium or go back to VIP. Since I am planning on playing Elders Scrolls online as soon as that one comes out. Since I have turbine points anyway I might just buy Trollshaw and perhaps an other. By then I think I should be fine to go into Moria expansion. Anyway, thanks for clearing things up



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