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    Withywindle - Pvmp Awards

    Title says it all. Vote your best freeps and creeps.

    Tbh i made the thread mostly to laugh but i will post my HONEST opinion.

    Best Freep: Patruxe
    Burglar: Hobgar/Naius
    Captain: Patruxe (Best cappy ever passed or that will pass from withy)
    Champion: Nillindhel (Only champ that hits sprint to fight) Haras ( Yes you are suprised to hear that from me but he gave me the best spars i had so far vs champs and he played fair gg on that)
    Guardian: Redwolfke (Must be more brave tho)
    Hunter: Laineth (Most dangerous hunter) Pathfinder (Hunter with balls)
    Lore-Master: Serrawen (Simple stuff gets the work done) Rkoo (He likes to play way too complicated in his lm fun fights with him)
    Minstrel: Lutzgash's mini and Lavasioth (Only mini that doesnt need 10 storebuffs to fight)
    Rune-Keeper: Grimek ( best dps in withy) Imilhir/Feni
    Warden: Limmys warden and Narthor kinda good #rest just no for me at least.

    Best Creep: Aghi
    Reaver: Ashdurbuk, Phakdush (90% of the freeps run when they meet them 1n1 besides UBEROP classes buffed via store)
    Defiler: Kamolas (Average heals and makes the actions happen)
    Weaver: Ostarn (Best 2on6 i ever had fun fact was that we won it.) Odereth (STRONK
    Blackarrow: Morth (Surprise ######## hits)
    Warleader: Aghi (Simply the boss when it comes to warleaders) Kratai ( Aghi can call him Mini-me) Rasburz/Kalaz
    Warg: Pawjaw. (rest are puppies deal with it)

    Most funny OOC: Berenakh: I am the lizard king rest are peasants.

    Best player: Limmy (Above average in everything he played)
    Worst player: Doh and co/Maaba/Greendout
    Best raid leader: Lutz
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    Prague, Czech Republic
    Best freep: eeer Feni (joke ofc it's Leischo!!) and Haras for leading raids
    Champ: Haras, Nil
    Guard: Red (No other guardian anyway and if yes they are just shield wall muppets)
    Mini: Thorry,Lava
    Hunt: Zegr.... joke xD Path and Laineth
    Cappy: Patruxe !
    Warden: Ellrin, Rols ( they play fair. Other wardens need to l2p)
    RK: Imi, Grimek, Feni
    LM: Mel. Tell me if you find other LM who doesn't spam WL. I couldn't find one.
    Burg: Burgs seem to be legendary characters who never appear in Moors.. but let's say Tahko and Naius (riddle-spamming troll )

    Best creep: Ganakus(lol) Ash/Kami for leading the raids. Aff/Lutz for their OOC commentary
    Reaver: Ash and Akro
    BA: Morth,Beoluk
    Weaver:Flatusanu,Gorgothil (BIG 3)
    Defiler:Trogur, Azreala
    Warg: PJ,Kami, The man, the myth, the legend - Boshal
    WL:Aghi,Kratai,Muz or Kalaz cuz those first two are inactive

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    Nice thread hope it doesnt get infected with QQ,BS posts..
    My ratings will be based mostly on skill at raids and solo and very important the amount of balls.
    I will not nominee any portuguese to me more fair with the others (PE rules!)

    Best freep(s): Imilhir, Shakie, Feniliciousss
    Champ: Nill, Haras ( a bit less forum #### posts would be great pls );
    Guard: Red;
    Mini: Lavasioth, Kubbi
    Cappy: Maldavis (from Hispania I think,rank 7 or so, great job with raids/groups, also saw him a couple of times soloing-rare thing in cappies.);
    Hunter: Laineth, Path (hunter that solos ### great job)
    Warden: Ellanth (TOP), Honourable mentions - Ellrin,Rolsie;
    RK: Imilhir(dps), Feni (heals);
    LM: Melrean, Rkoo (fking OP class xD);
    Burg: Naius (not afraid to die and awesome dps - keep up the spirit), Hobgar (pretty sure if you played more with him you would ruin creepside to pieces, especially BA's, broken enrage -.-);

    Best creep(s): Zauruz, Morth, (gotta say Beo and Mrreric from recent past);
    Reaver: Zauruz & Mrreric (solo) and Ash (raid);
    BA: Morth, Yellow, Beo, dat guy Violador really has some skills!!!!!!!
    Weaver: Odereth, Mirgil (!), Flatu, Ostarn (shame on him for playing so few times with weaver .|.);
    Wl: Aghi, Morish
    Def: Kamolas, Pervnakh, Sisnakh -miss you (((((
    Warg: Parmluk, Nash

    P.S. oh affected you spoil me so much ^^ but i aint the best freep there are a lot of others that play way more often than me, like Imi (yeah i know he still sucks a bit, but oh well...).
    And lets not forget that before me we still had skrech and verminaard, those I can 100% say that they were GOD cappies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RohirrimCaptain View Post
    I will not nominee any portuguese to me more fair with the others (PE rules!) .
    I must be from Zimbabwe and didnt knew lol, (No offence to Zimbabwe folks)
    Anyways nice Thread, i will put my list later


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nillindhel View Post
    I must be from Zimbabwe and didnt knew lol, (No offence to Zimbabwe folks)
    Anyways nice Thread, i will put my list later

    I meant kinnies Nill xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by RohirrimCaptain View Post
    P.S. oh affected you spoil me so much ^^ but i aint the best freep there are a lot of others that play way more often than me, like Imi (yeah i know he still sucks a bit, but oh well...).
    And lets not forget that before me we still had skrech and verminaard, those I can 100% say that they were GOD cappies.
    Well its my honest opinion, never saw a captain roaming solo never saw a captain good at healing and supporting his mates so good and so good that he can 1on1 well enough also best freep title goes simply for never ever seeing you at a backdoor.

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    Im gonna list creeps/freeps I admire or respect for the way they play in moors generally and how they play their class.

    Best Freep: Ellrin
    Burglar: Tahko (but he should go solo more often:P)
    Captain: Patruxe
    Champion: Nillindhel, Haras
    Guardian: can't tell (little knowledge of the class)
    Hunter: Pathfinder, Zegrondreamen, Laineth
    Lore-Master: Serrawen
    Minstrel: Rhianon
    Rune-Keeper: Imilhir & Grimek (DPS), Fenilia (heals)
    Warden: Ellrin & Ellanth

    Best Creep: Mrerric
    Reaver: would say Zauruz, but after few spars I must say: Mrerric + the other german reaver ( cant spell the name correctly now.. *ashamed*)
    Defiler: can't tell, I used to enjoy spars and 1v1s with Mosca in U9 but I havent seen him since then
    Weaver: Gorgothil & Ostarn
    Blackarrow: Violador & Beoluk & Torrin
    Warleader: Aghi, Kratai & Snigsnag
    Warg: Rashagh (made me regret bringing my noob LM into Moors), Pawjaw
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    Naius - Burglar of Withywindle

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    Burglar: Naius
    Captain: Patruxe
    Champion: Haras and Roots
    Guardian: Redwolfke
    Hunter: Laineth
    Lore-Master: Serrawen
    Minstrel: The Wonder Duo (Kubby&Kalia) Thorrin the DPS Mini and Lavasioth for heals
    Rune-Keeper: Grimek (DPS), Feni (HEals), Imilhir Best All Arround RK
    Warden: Limmys warden
    Best Freep: I will put this one like this : Naius : the Pure PvP guy IMO
    Imilhir : He´s able to solo the Bird :P (Like i said All Arround Player)
    Haras : IMO despite not agreeing with him on some stuff he is one active player that try´s to get things done (cheers m8)

    Reaver: Ash and prob Phak if he had decided to play
    Weaver: Mirgil (sorry m8´s the rest of us will have to w8 for next year)
    Blackarrow: Morth, Yellow, Violador, Torrin (this server is packed with quality BA´s)
    Warleader: Aghi, Kratai
    Warg: Kami and PJ
    Defiler : Kamolas
    Best Creep: Kami had a gr8 year from warg to defiler to mastering good Craids

    Best raid leader: Imilhir


    Ps: On Creep side i did not had many chances to play with the ppl that transfered here, hope that changes soon, most say quite some good words about this ppl
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    Just a reminder Nill. About the weavers you say w8 for next year or something but-
    Me and Gorg have started playing creep before Kami, Flatu maybe aswell.

    He just ranked faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romuh View Post
    Just a reminder Nill. About the weavers you say w8 for next year or something but-
    Me and Gorg have started playing creep before Kami, Flatu maybe aswell.

    He just ranked faster.
    I think i didnt explain myself very well or u didnt understand what i meant
    In no WAY im saying the Weaver crew on this server has no skills or are bad players (i am in no place to make that judgment). Its just that Mirgil did a wonderfull job and its a shame that he tranfered his Weaver (w8 for next year joke).
    Concerning Kami m8 its basicly the same thing, i Just think what he did deserves credit for in one Expansion going from 0 to Raid Leader (Remember Feni on freep? ). Can you me or anyone else do it also?? maybe , but fact is we didnt.
    Again m8 in no way i did try to depreciate anything or anyone, so sorry if i did.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nillindhel View Post
    I must be from Zimbabwe and didnt knew lol, (No offence to Zimbabwe folks)
    Almost died there tbh..

    Anyway my list with ror's ppl..

    Captain: Patruxe(unfortunately)
    Guardian: Red
    Hunter: Laineth
    Lore-Master: Serrawen
    Minstrel: Thorry/Lava
    Rune-Keeper: Grimek(dps)/Feni(heals)
    Warden: Ellanth/Rols(Rols for playing with kinda ####y gear compared to others and still doing good)

    Reaver: Machete
    Defiler: McDoomy/Azreala
    Weaver: Flatusanu
    Blackarrow: Violador(except the fact that he is lame at spars)/Morth
    Warleader: Aghi/Kratai
    Warg: Pawjaw(not so active though but still he is playing so had to include him)

    I m not sure still about the new ppl that came to withy from the german server and others..Most likely i had to include some of them in this list..I apologize and will do it on next awards when i ll be 100% about you guys in terms of playskill ofc
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    Best Freep: Tamie -- nice to see someone so enthusiastic & generally brightening up the moors.
    Burglar: Naius
    Captain: Patruxe
    Champion: Nill
    Guardian: Red
    Hunter: Lain
    Lore-Master: Serrawen
    Minstrel: Sai
    Rune-Keeper: Imi/Grim
    Warden: Ellrin

    Best Creep: Akrorgash -- putting in time & effort into raid leading
    Reaver: Sulglur
    Defiler: Pokaz
    Weaver: Flatu
    Blackarrow: Violador
    Warleader: Aghi
    Warg: Pawjaw
    Shakuru scored a devastating hit on Retarius for 8,094 Scottish damage to morale.

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    Hello all, here is my list ( No portuguese included)

    Best freep(s):
    Champ: Haras
    Guard: Red ( no doubt)
    Mini: Lavasioth (good healing)
    Cappy: Voin (improved alot, good support cappy)
    Hunter: Laineth
    Warden: Ellanth and Rols
    RK: Imilhir, Feni
    LM: Melrean
    Burg: Naius

    Best creep(s):
    Reaver: hard choice
    BA: Morth, Beo, there are more BAs at same lvl tho
    Weaver: Flatusanu ( by far the best atm, having one myself and knowing what they can do)
    Wl: Aghi
    Def: Mcdoomy
    Warg: Pawjaw ( a true skilled warg since ever..)


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    Burglar: Naius
    Captain: Patti
    Champion: Nill (<3), Haras
    Guardian: Red
    Hunter: Laineth
    Lore-master: Serrawen
    Minstrel: Thorry, Lava
    Rune-keeper: Imi, Grimek
    Warden: Ellanth, Rols

    Best Freep: Imilhir (Good player who is always willing to help other ppl, also best raid leader.)
    Nauis (Organised 1st pvp event for RoR which put Withy's pvp back on the "map".. also one of the few ppl who can't be associated with zergs.)


    Reaver: Ash,Akro
    Defiler: Azreala*
    Weaver: Flatu,Ode
    Blackarrow: Morth,Violader
    Warleader: Aghi,Kratai
    Warg: Pawjaw

    Best creep: Akrorgash (Open-minded, took initiative to lead creeps.)

    Special thanks to all freeps and creeps who i played with and against in this expansion. We've had our ups and downs but at the end of the day the friends we've made and the fun we had counts more than anything else. Hope to see you all again with HD.
    'In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.'

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    South Africa
    Freeps :

    Burg : Getta, Hobgar
    Champ : Haras, Nill
    Cappy : Voinicul, Ethelric, Patruxe
    Guard : Red, Ova
    Hunter : Laineth, Drabbit
    LM : Moroi, Rkoo
    Warden : Ellanth, Rols
    RK : Fenilia, Imilhir(heals), Kulz, Grimek (DPS)
    Minstrel : Thorry, Sai

    Best Freep : Redwolfke
    Fraid Leader : Haras, Imilhir

    Creeps :

    Reaver : Ash, Akro
    Defiler : Azreala, doomy
    Weaver : Odereth
    BA : Morth (Very scared of this guy no joke)
    Warleader : Kratai, Aghi
    Warg : Pawjaw ( so much damage compared to other wargs its insane )

    Best Creep : Ash ( Awesome guy and player )
    Best Creep leader : Lutz
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    Rosli and Healinghealer
    WW: some nab reaver and a nab warg
    Snowy: WL Kojiro, BA Mirtazg, Weaver Spinosaurus

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    Quote Originally Posted by RohirrimCaptain View Post
    Cappy: Maldavis (from Hispania I think,rank 7 or so, great job with raids/groups, also saw him a couple of times soloing-rare thing in cappies.);
    It´s the first time that I write in the forum, but I surprised a lot when I read this. I only was in etten with my captain a few times, and went a lot of time ago, and it´s an honour for me these words to me from a person that not know me. Only one mistake ---> "saw him" is incorrect, maybe "saw her" ;P

    Sorry for the off topic, I don´t know all of you a lot and I can´t do a list with my favourites players, but special mention to Gettatrix and Swimswimkiss (sorry if the names are wrong), both of them don´t let me heal ;P. And another mention to Naius, the only and one that can appear in the middle of the craid a lot of times!!! ;P

    C u in the Middle Earth and the Moors!

    PD: Sorry for my english ;P


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    my list:

    best burglar: Tahko
    best captain: Voinicul(very good heals!) Patruxe(good cappy )
    best champion: Haras(really good champ, awesome raid leader) Rootsfarinas(awesome dps)
    best guardian: Redwolfke
    best hunter: Pathfinder(hunter with balls is very rare) Laineth(nice dps, good in 1v1)
    best lore master: Melrean
    best minstrel: Lavasioth & Grasshealer
    best rune keeper: Imilhir(just because he isn't fatty), Fenilia (well played heals, keep it going !)
    best warden: Ellrin

    best reaver: Ashdurbuk, Akrorgash, Mreric (awesome reavers in raids)
    best weaver: Odereth, Flatusanu, Gorgothil (all awesome spiders)
    best black arrow: Morthrangh, Beoluk(best of the best! :P)
    best war leader: Kalaz, kratai, Aghi, Muzgoroth(awesome heals, keep it up)
    best stalker: Pawjaw, Kamikazze, Boshal when he stays to fight
    best defiler: McDoomy, Kamolas, Pokaz(nice heals! :P)

    there are many good players out there that aren't in my list...this list is just my favorite ones

    P.S best king of withywindle: Z
    best god of withywindle: Lutz
    stay the best! :P
    all chars kinda retired, not playin anymore
    out of date but too bored to change it

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    BURGLAR: Naius - Getta
    CAPTAIN: Patruxe
    CHAMPION: Roots - Niil
    GUARDIAN: Ilpo (trully guard op mode cheers)
    HUNTER: Pathfinder
    LORE MASTER: Rkoo - Imi LM (can't remember the name)
    MINISTREL: Thorry + Fraelina (dps) - Lavasioth (heals)
    RUNE KEEPER: Grimek + Erazor (dps) - Feni (Heals) - Imilhir (good at dps/heals)
    WARDEN: Ellrin - Rols (low ranks addicted <3 ) - Ellanth - Narthor (best 1vs1)

    BEST FREEPS = Naius + Ellrin

    BEST "QQ" FREEP: Patruxe (beijos a prima **)



    REAVER: Ash - Slaukrat - Affuluk (you can judge Affected but the truth he know's lot about creep/freep class's)
    WEAVER: Flat - Odereth
    BLACK ARROW: Lutz - Bralg - Gami - Morth - Beoluk
    WAR LEADER: Aghi - Kratai - Kalaz - Muz - Gzumrat - Sarkoz - Shade (miss you mate), (all good WL)
    WARG: Pawjaw - Nash - Boshal
    DEFILER: Azerela - Silthus (Akro defiler i think)

    BEST CREEP: Hard but i'll pick 2. ASH and LUTZ

    BEST "QQ" CREEP: Me <3 i got ban cause QQ

    BEST CREEP RAID LEADER: Ash (careful tactics) - Lutz (suicide) honestly i prefer Lutz suicide tactics.

    P.S.: [ Don't judge good/bad creep/freep only for their rank ] !!

    Most of the new guys (the Germans) are good players honestly! Thank you all for your transfer to withy, a huge support to Creep side.

    Honestly i see lots of freep/creep in some list and i need to laugh sorry but is true.
    Sorry if i miss some but there's lot of good players around, as you see i mention more creeps then freeps, cause i most play with them so hard to pick only 1 or 2 good ones.
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    REAVER [color=purple]Kakauete[/color] ::: [color=purple]R13[/color] BLACKARROW [color=purple]Kakadush[/color] ::: [color=purple]R13[/color] WARG [color=green]Kamikazze[/color] ::: [color=green]R11[/color] DEFILER [color=green]Kamolas[/color] ::: [color=green]R10[/color] WEAVER [color=greensoft]Kammi[/color] ::: [color=greensoft]R9[/color] WARLEADER [color=blue]Kabanga[/color] ::: [color=blue]R8[/color]

    GUARDIAN [color=green]SANTAREM[/color] ::: [color=green]R11[/color]

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    Prague, Czech Republic
    Burg : Drakko
    Mini : Grasshealer
    Champions : Haras, Roots
    Guards : Redwolfke, Gerbag
    Runekeeper : Fenilia
    Wardens : Rols, Ellrin
    LM : Rkoo
    Hunters : Pathfinder, Deephouser and Morths hunter - forgot his name xD
    Captain : Patruxe

    Reavers : Akrorgash, Ashdurbuk, Phakdush, (Berenakh ?)
    Weavers : Ode/Flatu
    Wargs : Rashag, Kami, Grimstalk
    WLs : Aghi, Kratai, Kalaz
    BAs : Morth, Beoluk
    Defilers : Kamolas, Trogur

    Really like to play with these guys. Cheers
    KhaosRogues peasant

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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Bralg's 'Best of Withy' List

    Aww, I miss the daytime pvmp play, but I now live in a timezone that doesn't allow for me to participate in the mayhem, so I'm only on after most of you are already asleep. Here's my list - some of my picks may not be active right now.


    Minstrel: Thorry, Grasshealer
    Rune-Keeper: Imilhir, Grimek, Erazor (all three are terrifying dps), Feni (awesome heals)
    Champion: Haras - been bringing the bacon for freepside day-in and day-out for years... kudos, mate
    Hunter: Pathfinder (bravest hunter on Withy), Laineth (runs, but maybe that makes her smarter than Path? )
    Captain: Voinicul
    Burglar: Naius, Hobgar (damn debuffs)
    Lore-Master: Serrawen, Rkoo - both exceptional, though neither are necessarily going to win any popularity contests... have to say, I like them both
    Warden: Ellanth - ouch with those f$^%ing bleeds!
    Guardian: Redwolke - versatile for a guardian

    Best Late-Night Freeps: Grasshealer (Mini), Dahawk (Champ), Eriondil (RK) (haven't seen him in a while)
    Most Entertaining Freep: Worri, Eriondil (sorry for killing you so many times), and the gone-but-never-forgotten Haky... I wonder if he is still sprinting?
    Fair Play Award (Freepside): Rolsperx - really nice and honourable for a bleed-spamming runt


    Warg: Pawjaw, Boshal, Kamikazze - pretty sure these names scare the s#$t out of freeps
    Spider: Flatusanu - amazing skills
    Defiler: McDoomy
    Black Arrow: Morthrangh - crazy as bat####, in a league (and possibly also a world) of his own
    Reaver: Phakdush, Ashdurbuk, Slaukrat, Berenakh
    Warleader: Aghi, Kratai - creeps do much better when these guys are around

    Best Late-Night Creeps: Grimstalk (warg), Spidermaan (spider, duh), Feng (warg)
    Most Entertaining Creep: Morthrangh, with Lutz running a close second - love raiding with these guys
    Fair Play Award (Creepside): Phakdush - holds all of us to a higher standard when he is on

    Favourite OOC: "Help, Help, I'm drowning!!" -- Morthrangh, trying to get the craid to slow down and wait for him as he swam across the river.


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    I see dead freeple...

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    i think need to put only 1 name for every class

    Best Freep: Root (work so hard for both sides,alone and with his kin for the action at this server)
    Burglar: Getta
    Captain: Leicho (playing with out rules,ike a soldier in a battlefield.he never speak about rules,or something unnormal)
    Champion: Tammie (the only 1 champ on this server who never leave a fight,never left freeps behind to run and not die,and the only champ who hunt the creeps on foot like them[rp reasons] )
    Guardian: Redwolfke (Keep walking tanki)
    Hunter: Pathfinder of course.
    Lore-Master: Lerine
    Minstrel: Lavasioth (very clear player on gameplay)
    Rune-Keeper: Grimek (so far,keep walking)
    Warden: Ellanth

    Best Creep: Kamolas
    Reaver: Akro (last days cant play for lag reasons)
    Defiler: Kamolas
    Weaver: Odi
    Blackarrow: Morthi
    Warleader: Dunk
    Warg: Boshal
    Krom Of Laurelin.

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    Best Freep: Haras/Feni Feni: lovely person, freeps seem invincible when her LM is added to the fraid, contributions to Withy's PvMP, not blind just to her side. Haras: Leads raids, gets freeps together, tries to be careful when doing so - extent of which is arguable. But Haras is Withy staple - you know its Withy when you see him and Red at the front the fraid ^^ Ty for all you do
    Burglar: Naius/Getta
    Captain: Patruxe
    Champion: Nill/Haras/Tamie - Nil solos, nice guy who sees things from both sides. Haras as above and Tamie - brave
    Guardian: Red - who else? Nice enough fellow too, underappreciated freep side I imagine.
    Hunter: Laineth - most deadly. Pathfinder - bravest and most active.
    Lore-Master: Moroi (8 freeps vs 20 odd creeps = wiped freeps then 8 freeps + 1 moroi vs 20 creeps: creep wipe) and Mel
    Minstrel: Lavi
    Rune-Keeper: Feni/Imi/Grim
    Warden: Ellanth/Rols - invincible warden and cheeky lil pokey blighter

    Best Creep: Ash/Kami/Lutz: Good for different reasons, usually willing to raid lead and usually do so well. If pushed to pick, I'd pick Ash because I prefer his cautious raid style.
    Best Creep Ratter: Krom -> uses two rats effectively, best I have seen on the server. I'm told Sulglur rats well too but he won't come and show us *hint*
    Reaver: Ash/Phak - Maybe one day I'll be as good as these two, long way off yet. Lag doesn't help
    Defiler: Kamolas/Thro
    Weaver: Flatu/Ode - When Ode ranks, we demand an epic spar plz!
    Blackarrow: Morthy/Gami/Lutz
    Warleader: Aghi/Krat/Shade/Dunc
    Warg: Pawjaw/Bosh/Kami

    Re German absence: Can't say I've been active enough to see how good they are, easy to be blinded by ranks, they've only been here a few months so in my view they are inelligible for nomination :P
    Akrorgash - r11 reaver // Morakh - r8 wl // Tyrakh r6 ba // Silthus r8 Defi // Rawrik r6 neglected warg // ----- Withywindle

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    2 more things to add:

    Most targetted freep: Deephouser
    Most targetted creep: Me ofc when i log.

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    Very nice thread indeed. I'll pick up players who still plays and are active on WW. Also I want apologies all German players who transfered on WW but except Beoluk I didn't play almost with any of you, so atm can't put any names on the list. Lets hope we will play more often together!. Anyways:

    *** FREEPS ***

    Best Freep: Patruxe
    Burglar: Naius
    Captain: Patruxe - so far best cappy on WW (solo & raids)
    Champion: Haras (in raids), Nillindhel (solo), Roots , Tammie ( same as Pathfinder playing style )
    Guardian: Redwolfke - well played in raids and solo
    Hunter: Pathfinder ( while 99% of hunters play in group, this guy kick ### solo, hunters should learn how to play solo from that guy without healers behind back )
    Lore-Master: Melraen ( well played LM in raids and solo )
    Minstrel: Lavasioth & Grasshealer no doubt ^^
    Rune-Keeper: Grimek/Kulz/Erazor (dps), Imilhir/Feni (healing)
    Warden: Narthor , Rolsperx

    Best Fraid leader: I guess someone who doesn't capture Lug only to hug Lug bd with own raid each time he/she enter Etten and who also like an open balanced fights without Npc .

    *** CREEPS ***

    Best Creep: Kamikazze & Aghi (They know what to do, when to do and how to do ^^)
    Reaver: Akrorgash, Slaukrat
    Defiler: Kamolas, McDoomy, Throgath, Azreala
    Weaver: Odereth, Flatusanu, Gorgothil
    Blackarrow: Morth ,Bralg, Lutz, Beoluk,
    Warleader: Aghi, Kratai, Muzgoroth, Rashbusz, Kalaz, Sarkoz, Gzumrat
    Warg: Kamikazze, Pawjaw, Nashtauz, Boshal

    Best Craid leaders: Kamikazze , Lutz, Aghi, Akrorgash

    Cheers Ash
    Ashdurbuk (RVR) R11 / Grachuk (WL) R8

    " Playing creep is the only difficult challenge in lotro ".


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