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    Withywindle - Pvmp Awards

    Title says it all. Vote your best freeps and creeps.

    Tbh i made the thread mostly to laugh but i will post my HONEST opinion.

    Best Freep: Patruxe
    Burglar: Hobgar/Naius
    Captain: Patruxe (Best cappy ever passed or that will pass from withy)
    Champion: Nillindhel (Only champ that hits sprint to fight) Haras ( Yes you are suprised to hear that from me but he gave me the best spars i had so far vs champs and he played fair gg on that)
    Guardian: Redwolfke (Must be more brave tho)
    Hunter: Laineth (Most dangerous hunter) Pathfinder (Hunter with balls)
    Lore-Master: Serrawen (Simple stuff gets the work done) Rkoo (He likes to play way too complicated in his lm fun fights with him)
    Minstrel: Lutzgash's mini and Lavasioth (Only mini that doesnt need 10 storebuffs to fight)
    Rune-Keeper: Grimek ( best dps in withy) Imilhir/Feni
    Warden: Limmys warden and Narthor kinda good #rest just no for me at least.

    Best Creep: Aghi
    Reaver: Ashdurbuk, Phakdush (90% of the freeps run when they meet them 1n1 besides UBEROP classes buffed via store)
    Defiler: Kamolas (Average heals and makes the actions happen)
    Weaver: Ostarn (Best 2on6 i ever had fun fact was that we won it.) Odereth (STRONK
    Blackarrow: Morth (Surprise ######## hits)
    Warleader: Aghi (Simply the boss when it comes to warleaders) Kratai ( Aghi can call him Mini-me) Rasburz/Kalaz
    Warg: Pawjaw. (rest are puppies deal with it)

    Most funny OOC: Berenakh: I am the lizard king rest are peasants.

    Best player: Limmy (Above average in everything he played)
    Worst player: Doh and co/Maaba/Greendout
    Best raid leader: Lutz
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