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    Unhappy Loremaster warsteed melee

    I just recenlty buyed Rohan and find out that in order to be able to melee (skill) with my loremaster in warsteed I have to have a sword equiped. This makes me sad, since I always played my LM avoiding the sword and staff lengend. trait because it feels out of character for my gameplay style. With the new improvement it became a passive, so still an option, but now it is a must in the warsteed. I really don't like to have my LM wield a weapon of war and suffering. I was wondering if it could be possible to make the melee skill in the warsteed (metal and mettle) to not have to have equiped a sword in order to function?

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    I doubt that will happen, and of course it's great that you want to RP in that manner. I'm a little surprised that you object to the sword, though, even in an RP manner. The staff is as much an object of war as a sword, even though some might not at first recognize it, such as Gandalf taking his staff into Meduseld after Hama insisted that all their weapons be left behind. "The staff in the hand of a wizard maybe more than a prop for age." If anything, the staff is more of an object of war than the sword is. It is an interesting way to RP, to say the least.
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