has Powerful Friends

We are a R10 Kinship with a Large Player Base of All Classes, Races, and Levels.
All Ages, & Classes Welcome.
We have our own Web-page located at m
where we maintain a Calendar of Events{Virtue & Slayer Deed Runs in Fellowship}
We even have Our Own Facebook & Twitter Pages.
We do many RAIDS, Instances, and Skirmishes{All Areas of Middle-Earth).
Help Topics for Various Classes to Help You Advance Your Character and get the Most out of Your Class.
We have Master of the Guild Craftsmen in All Vocations to Help You with Your Gear, or just to Help You Level-Up Your Crafting Expertise.
We are User Friendly, Courteous, and Have Lots of FUN Playing LOTRO, so come on Over and give Us a Try.
MUMBLE Chat is Provided for Events with Our Dedicated Server.
Please send a
IM, or Mail-a-Message to:
Lavadoc(Lord of the Kin), Manwin(Successor of Kin), or Enellewen(Officer)