I don't know if some people just have weird colour setting on their computers or what, but I see a lot of people complaining about lack of red/orange hair and lack of dark skin colour...for example on the Man race, just change the nationality to Rohan or Dale and you can pick bright red hair or shocking orange hair, same goes for dwarves and hobbits (elves only have light reddish brown I believe), and change the nationality for men hobbits or dwarves and you can get a very african american looking skin tone(again, elves don't have the darkest option), or lighter tan or whatever you prefer, Gondor goes the darkest for men, and I can't remember hobbit of dwarves.

But basically I'm asking, do you guys just forget about the ability to change the nationality(what area your race is from) or do you just have weird colour settings that don't let you see the actual color of things in game?