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    site login bug shows actual login password

    I clicked the login button then immediately began entering my username and password before the background image for the page had loaded. When I hit the tab button to switch to the password field, instead of it automatically deleting the "password" prompt in the field as I began to type, I saw it post the first character of my password attached to the end of the "password" prompt in the field. I manually deleted all the characters in the "password" field, including the prompt "password." By this time the background image had loaded. I then proceeded to look down at the keyboard as I entered my password as usual. Upon finishing I looked up and saw my password exposed like a... you get the idea..., instead of the typical "******" covering up the password. I think this is an important bug to report, since it could expose a person's password if the person is logging into the community site from a public location. This is the first time this has happened to me.

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    I have successfully reduplicated this event today. Again, when the load for the login page of the website was slow, I entered my username into the field and began typing my password into the password field before the background image had loaded. Once again, my password began to be added to the end of the word "password" in the password field. When I deleted all the text in the password field, including the word "password" it still showed my acutal password when I typed it in instead of showing the dots representing the password characters. This occurred even after the page had finished loading.

    RECOMMENDATION: wait until the login page has completely loaded before typing in your password if you are logging into the community site from a public location where others could see your user name and password (and take a photo or video).



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